Monday, August 26, 2019

Ritvik's 2nd Birthday Party

Ritvik's 2nd birthday was the first with us (as for the 1st one he was in India) but we had not planned on doing anything major.
I wanted to have a kids party but the age group of 2yrs -3yrs is difficult to manage. We were not as keen as our friends who kept asking us as we were planning to go to India for vacation and was not sure if we would be here. Finally we decided to  book the party hall but that was already booked and so we started checking out other places. We attended another kids birthday party at Mall of America and Ritvik had such a great time that we decided that to be his birthday venue.

By Oct end we finalized the guest list, booked the cake, I wanted the most delicious milk cake that I had tasted, so we booked that Ritvik wanted the Spider man theme which we got on the big cake and a smaller one (just in case we fall short). We couldn't get outside food and hence decided to get pizza from a sop at the MOA. We also wanted it to be a little indianised and hence we ordered some baby corn manchurian as starters and I decided to make some custard for the dessert. We kept 11:30 as the time  as the time hoping that everyone would be in by 12.

Nov 12th early morning dawned as a beautiful day. It was lovely weather for the peak winter, we did not even have to wear jackets. Ritvik had fever, kept us awake most of the night and finally fell asleep at 7am in the morning. Gopi had to leave by 9 to make sure we got the area and set up decorations. I had to cook the custard. Morning, there was no electricity, what a bummer!. Electricity came after some time and I started with my cooking in a big rush. Once done I had my bath and woke Ritvik by 11, he was still feverish, gave him some Tylenol and got him ready. It was already getting late and I had to also pick the cake. Gopi kept calling and asking us to come fast. Finally we left home, picked the cake and reached the mall, only to find no parking spot. I circled for 20 minutes before finding a spot and then when we went inside the lift was not working. All the guests had arrived and finally we reached by 12:30.

Diwali Dhoom 2011 - a Dhamkedar Ending

So finally Diwali Dhoom 2011 was hosted on Oct, 22nd (Saturday) at the apartment complex.
The day started with visiting the party hall at 11 am and helping in the decorations. to be honest all I did was make sure Ritvik kept out of people's way. G helped them put up all the hand-made lanterns and other decorations.
Afternoon quickly made some methi paratha, put Ritvik to sleep and I too napped for an hour.
At 4:30 went to do hair and face-make up. Returned at 5 only to see a cranky baby, was getitng dressed, putting my bangles and Ritzu wanted to wear them too. No amount of reasoning worked and finally ahd to give him two of the bangles to wear.
Programmes were scheduled to start at 5, we reached there by 6pm.
Everyone was beautifully dressed in traditional wear.
Once the mike was set-up there was pooja and a group song.
Next was Welcome Speech by Raji.
Then the hosts myself & Alpesh introduced ourselves and announced the next segment which wa s a bharatnatyam by Ira.
A note to be added here, the mike was bad, we had to shout a lot to be heard by the already noisy public.
Next we had the lttle kids dancing
Then we had kids dance of a slightly bigger group
Followed by a Marathi Lavani Song
then came another kids dance
We had a hindi song
Then we had a marathi performance
Punjabi Folk Song
Hindi Song
Gujarati Dance
Kid Solo Dance
Mens dance
Diya Dance
Prize Distribution

Another Milestone for R Junior

R Junior completed another milestone where in she started eating solid foods. Last Sunday i.e 14th December we went to the temple and gave her some rice payasam to eat. For the older one we had organized a pooja by the temple priest and then invited friends over for lunch, for the younger one we just kept it a low-key family affair. I wanted to start only after 6 months but she is always lookign at us eagerly while we eat and so I felt that maybe it was the right time to start.

I did not get time to buy cereal so even after temple feeding she was only breast feeding for a week, it is only 2 days back I got rice cereal and we started giving her one time in the mornings. Slowly I will  start introducing other foods, let's see how she likes it.

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Cruise Vacation to Bahamas - Part 2

The third day, since me and my son had booked for Snorkeling we had to embark the boat at 10am and so we had to have an early breakfast, we both woke up at 9 and went quickly to the café to stuff ourselves, the boat was going pretty fast and soon they announced that due to weather conditions the ship would not halt at the private island but would go directly to Bahamas.

Me and my son strolled around for some more time and went back to the cabin and gave the other two the updates, they leisurely woke up and had a late breakfast, we then left the kids to the day - care and pretty soon the ship docked at Bahamas port. Me and hubby went out and left the port area and walked around to the nearby beach, we were also checking what activities we could do the next day with the kids. After a good 2hrs we came back to the cruise, we then checked in, went to the hot tub, had dinner and went for a good nite's rest.

The next day woke up, had breakfast and embarked from the ship. Initially we decided to go touristy and get the locals to take us out to some beach but later on just decided to go with what the cruise ship was offering.
We booked a trip to Atlantis--The Lost City. It was pretty expensive but we decided to go with the safe route. A bus took us to the Atlantis hotel where we had a 45 min guided tour of the museum and their artifacts. Then we were left to ourselves, just asking us to reach back to the ship by 5pm. All of us changed and went to the nearby beach. It was chilly for Bahamas weather.
We then took the bus back to the main port and had food from a small shack. The fish tacos and shrimp tacos were just delicious.
We then went and embarked back to the cruise ship.
We wanted to catch a ice skating show on the ship and were just in time for that. Riti got to be one of the child actors to go on stage with them, it was a delightful experience.

We then went for our last dinner which was fabulous, took pictures with the staff and basically everywhere in the cruise.
Night time, we packed our baggage's and kept it outside. Woke up the next morning, had breakfast and when our time was called we had to vacate the ship. Immigration was a breeze,w e got our luggage, took a taxi and headed to Miami airport.
After a 3 hr flight we were back home

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Shifting to a New Apartment

After living for more than a decade at Broadmoor Apartments, the management decided to renovate it leaving all of us scattering our brains on what to do next.
Many started searching apartments, homes and what-not and led to the final split of everyone leaving there to various other apartments near Eden Prairie.
We moved to Renew Apartments not because we liked it or what-not but for the kid, my boy.

It has been 2 months since we moved but still we do not feel like settled.

Immediately after moving we went on a trip to Florida which was super-fun.
We had a great time with family, after 10 days sister and nephew flew back to India. We then started with Volleyball,Cricket etc , had a camping trip on one of the week-ends.

July started with Dindu'd bday and then just hanging about at home.

We never missed BM till now as we were going there practically every evenings to play VB but last evening the net was taken down from there and that would be sort of a final closure to the place for us.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

English Writing

I had to track this here for future reference

Cruise Vacation to Bahamas

I have been ignoring the blog for long now and it feels sad. I should write down about our Cruise Trip to Bahamas. We , being we wanted to get on a vacation as we had valid visa and wanted it to be somewhere outside US.
After a lot of contemplating we finally booked a 4-night cruise trip to Bahamas via the Royal Carribean.
We wanted to surprise my son and so did not tell him anything, he overheard me booking flight tickets for my daughter and myself to Miami and so I told my kids we (me +Riti) were going to Miami and not the boys.
My little one was super excited while my son is happy to be here with his friends.
Finally we flew from here to Miami Sun noon and reached there by eve. We took a cab to the resort and it was late evening by the time we reached. We then got fresh and went for a quick stroll out and then went for dinner at a Mexican place. Walked back and took rest at the hotel.
Next day the kids woke up and kept jumping all about the place. We got them ready and then went to the beach for sometime, had lunch and then drove to the boarding port by noon.
Our luggage was taken at the port and was told would be delivered at our room.
We were then asked to go in the boarding area where our passports, visas and tickets were checked.
We spent some time at the lounge area as hubby had some work.

Finally by 2:30 we went inside the ship, we first went to our room which was a small but spacious area, there was a small bathroom, beds, lot of storage area, a dresser, sofa bunk beds on top for the kids. We placed our baggage and then went to explore the ship, there was a lift to take you everywhere, a huge casino, a swimming pool on top , a golf area, kids play area, a vb court, table tennis boards and many many more. There was a safety drill at the beginning and then we were dispersed off, pretty soon we realized the ship had set sail and we did not even realize we were on a moving vessel.
Soon we were hungry and went to one of the cafes nearby, unlimited food and sweets at our dispose, we ate like crazy. There is also a day care center that took care of the kids, we got fresh and then by 7 we dropped the kids to the day care center and visited the casino. We had dinner reservations at 8:30, so we picked the kids and went there. Dinner was great with the waiter and helper paying every attention to what we need. As soon as they saw we were Indians we got chicken curry and specialized shrimp fried rice which we got on all the days we had dinner.
After a hearty meal we went to our room for the nite.

The next day we woke up late morning and went for break-fast, there was a multiple of things to feast on, the hubby went and registered for table tennis competition which he won ofcourse, so we had to get food for him. We then registered for a game of volleyball which we won winners and runners as we were in two different teams. The boy wanted to play much of tt which he did with other people plus he went on the rides and we all did the bungee jumping, the daughter was not allowed due to age limitations. We then went and had lunch and walked across to make reservations for some snorkeling on the port that we would visit the next day.
Me and the boy registered which father and daughter decided to opt out of snorkeling for the next day.
We again left the kids to the day care in the evening and went to the casino, picked them later and went to the pool and hot tub and then went for dinner which was another feast in waiting.

To be Continued...….