Saturday, August 09, 2014

Friday, August 08, 2014

1 Month Baby

Tomorrow it will be a month since baby Bumshika(baby girl) was born.
So far it has been really easy peasey to manage her. She has been feeding well/sleeping well, not at all fussy and generally giving me a great rest time.

Sometimes at night if she sleeps at 11 we have to wake her at 6 for a feed that literally means I get sleep for about 6-7 hours at night.
She was back to her birth weight in a week and in her 2 week check-up she was 10oz and we also started tummy time for her.
Her umblical cord fell off the 10th day but the area was still pussy and bloody and so we had to take more care not to touch water, we have been giving her bath after 3 weeks and she has been sleeping well post her bath and also noons. Normally evenings she will be awake with short naps in the evenings and then deep sleep from 11:30 - 8.

Big brother loves his baby sister and even invented a song for her, Brothers love their sisters, I love my cutie sister Ritiha la la la la.........

He always wants to kiss her, hug her, squeeze her, try to play with her............

Love both my babies.....umaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

Sunday, July 27, 2014

We named her -----------


Friday, July 11, 2014

Here comes our baby

We had a baby girl on July 9th 2014!!!

...Still waiting on the name.

Thursday, July 03, 2014

Memorial Day Trip - Day 3

The third and last day we had decided to go to Aurora Temple at Chicago. We got ready, had complimentary breakfast from hotel and left by 10:00 am. The temple was an hour's drive from the hotel. After doing darshanam we went to the cafeteria to get food for the journey back home. There I saw medu wada and could not control my temptation. We ordered wada/dosa which was super yummy. Then we packed curd rice/tamrind rice and upma for our journey back home.

The return journey was one long drive home with a one stop halt for lunch.
Thus ended our family vacation to Dells-Chicago

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

The 2nd Baby Shower

This Sunday i.e 29th June 2014 I had my 2nd Baby shower. You can read about the first one here

This time I did not have any intention of having a baby shower done. Thursday nite I was talking to friends and one of them asked if I did it. I said, 'No' and then she suddenly said to another friend..Let's do one for her.
And so they planned and got everything ready to be done for Sunday. My main agenda was to not go into labor by then.
7 families decided to come with 1 item each, we decided to make Papadum and Payasam.
Sat evening G went and bought flowers and chocolate and fruits etc.
Sun morning after waking up and having breakfast I draped a Saree, since none of my blouses fit I put a T-shirt and a new Saree.
Everyone came by 11:15 and started arranging all the items on the table. They started at 11:40 by putting chandanam, kumkum,rice and bangles.
Once done we all ate, there was a variety of items, lemon rice, curd rice, wada/chutney,coconut rice, tamrind rice, kesari, mushroom biryani,plain rice,sambhar , papdaum and payasam.

Everything was yummy and delicious. There was so much left over we asked everyone to come at night and have dinner too.
Thus ended a beautiful day. A big Thanks to all my friends for doing this.
Saveetha/Anitha/Kavitha V/Kavita/Vidya/Satya/Vimala.

Thursday, June 05, 2014

Memorial Day Trip -Day 2

The next day we woke up after 7 and got ready, since this hotel had complimentary breakfast we had waffles and bread, juice and tea and filling our tummines we left for Chicago city at 9. Our first stop was at navy pier, we parked our car there and decided to explore the remaining city by walk/bus.

As we were walking across the city we clicked some snaps of the buildings.

First stop was the Millenium park, we clicked pictures near the bean and then went for a walk around the garden which had beautiful flowers.

Then we wanted to take the red/green trolley which we had done about 6 yrs back but this tiem everything was pretty expensive. We wanted to get to Willis Tower(sears Towers renamed) and were getting tired alkign in the hot sun, Since it was lunch time we stopped at a McDonald's and had lunch. From there we went to Willis Tower and there was a long line waiting outside. me and G waited outside while the others went and it took them nearly 3 hours to finish the whole tour what with the long waiting lines.

From there we caught the city transit and went to the Shedd Aquarium. It was nearly 5 when we reached there and since the Aquarium would close at 6 we took just the General Pass and visited. There were lots of fishes and other animals to see .

Since it was getting late G asked us to wait there while he went to navy Pier ang got the car. From there he went to Devon Street which is like the Asian place in Chicago and we got to see lots of Indian/Pakistani shops.
We had dinner at a place which was not so great and then reached our hotel by 10:30 and went off to bed.