Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Baby Talks

Me and R are playing the word game where in you have to tell a word from an alphabet and the enx tperson has to tell from it's ending alphabet.

So for ex: If I say Apple R has to say a word from E

This went on for some time until he got T, we had already told some common T words, so after thinking for sometime R says T for 'Theek Hain' Amma.

I couldn't stop laughing.

R now clearly understands the difference between languages, he can differentiate between Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi and ofcourse English.

The other day he was talking to his aunt and after talking for some time he got bored and
says "you talk in Hindi', she does not know Hindi so she told him to tell something

So he says--Tumhara naam kya hain? to which she replies--Mera naam XXXX

Immediately this boy corrects her--Mera naam XXXX hain.


Friday, April 18, 2014

More Pregnancy News!

More pregnancy news: I cleared my 1 hr GLocuse test, so that tension is out of the way.
We were planning to have a 2nd one after the summer of 2013 and decided to try in Aug 2013. Now since the 1st one was as we planned me and hubby though it will happen when we decide. So aug end I was all set with my pregnancy kit and I got a -ve result. I was dumbfounded and so was hubby, tried again next month and this time before I could test I got my periods.

Then I decided not to get tensed and think about it, it will happen when it has to else I have my one and only. Next month I was busy with Diwali celebrations, dance practises and other activities. My periods were late and I sort of guessed I may be pregnant, decided to have the pregnancy test on 10th Nov 2013 and saw the wonderful 2 pink lines.
Immediately told hubby but we did not tell back home and decided to let them know when we got to India. We were travelling to India on the 27th Nov and till then everything was just like normal. I had no pregnancy symptons so days were just like usual except that I started taking my pre-natal tablets. I was a little worried about the long plane trip but I was as good as normal, hubby was not worried at all, infact he behaved as though nothing new with us. I had not yet told my baby boy who kept on asking me for another baby.

What happened after we reached India and how we told parents in the next post......

Thursday, April 17, 2014


So I wanted to do this earlier on the blog but somehow never got to it.
SO here it comes

Another joy to behold

In our family of gold

My baby boy will soon be

promoted to being a big Brother

I am 28 weeks and due date is 12th July 2014. As of today I weigh 182 lbs. Last month I gained 10 lbs which was a huge leap what with eating buttered food products, fried items etc. I have tried to keep things at a minimum and trying to walk daily. I also had my glucose test this check-up, stillw aiting on the test(Hope it all goes well)   Heamoglobin was less just a little low from the margin 10.8 when 11 is the normal. I have yet not been advised to eat iron tablets.   I do not know what gender my baby is as I decided to keep it a surprise and not check in my 20th week ultrasound. Just want a healthy baby   So more pregnancy news will follow in the coming posts.

Monday, April 14, 2014

On New Receipes and TV Shows

Last week I got these dinner rolls from Costco(Pav) as referred in India. Friday evening , I made hot yummy Vada-Pav , assembled the vada, chutneys with the pav and had them with evening tea. Night went to casino and gambled away winning a little profit.

Saturday just stayed at homeand did nothing major, night again went to casino and lost some money.

Sunday I made pav bhaji after a really long time. In the Mystic Lake caino they were hosting the Family Fued Show Live(sort of the same concept as that comes on TV)
Since we got free tickets we eagerly went there. Whole winter I watched this show on TV and was excited to get there. the show started at 7 and lasted for 2 hrs, even though we did not win any prizes we had a really great time.

Monday, April 07, 2014

On Birthdays and Winning Matches

Saturday was a very hectic day for me. G left early in the morning for his VB match.
Me and R woke up at 8:30, I washed the dishes and made pancakes for breakfast. Once we were done R went for potty and bath and in the meantime I made some gavar ka sabji.
We both got ready to go t HomeDepot. Since it is the 1st Saturday they have a Kids Workshop. Me along with my friend and her 2 kids drove to Home Depot and had a great tiem making a bird feeder, we also got to see some of their exotic bird collection that they had got.
After returning R went to play with the kids where as I went ofr some walking.
At 1:30 I went to get him but ended up eating lunch at friend's place and R eat his lunch at another friend's place.
We reached home by 2:15 and got ready to go for the birthday party. Since it was great weather and the party was nearby we walked. R had a gr8 time running around with his friends but I got quite bored as it was his daycare friend's birthday and I did not know anyone.

After returning me and other friends decided to go to watch the match as our guys had reached the finals. We drope 25 mins over there only to be informed that the finals will be held near to our place as the Community center they had booked was closing.
We returned to the Champions Hall by 7:30. Finals started after 8, oh! it was a thrilling match. We won the  1st set, the other team won the 2nd set and it was a close finish in the 3rd set which our team WON.

Hi-fi and Congratulations all over!
We attended the award ceremony and then all of us went for dinner at Green mill. By the time we reached home and went to bed it was 11:30

All in all a great day

Friday, April 04, 2014

Monday, March 31, 2014

Macy's Flower Show and Circus

This Sunday the weather was predicted to be in the 60's( a perfect day for getting out)
G left in the morning for his VolleyBall practise. Me and R woke up and had a breakfast of bread/jam tea/milk and then R had his bath. I did some long time pending waxing and then took bath and got ready to go out.
We went for lunch at Bombay Bistro--had medu vada/dosa/chutney/sambhar/pani-puri/chicken tandoori/chicken biryani/goat biryani/chicken tikka masala/chicken butter masala/gulab jamun/payasam

We then went for the Macy's Flower Show. It was beautiful to see such pretty flowers, Red, Yellow, orange tulips everywhere, concentric pretty colored roses and some very colorful flowers. From there we went to the Osman Shrine Circus.
We reached at 5pm and they had set up the indoor stage for Elephant rides/pony rides/picture sessions(all with purchase of tickets). We decided to skip those and took our seats. The show began at 5:30pm.

There were lions/tigers show, elephant shows, gymnastic, trapeze artists, motor bikes stunts, poodle show, clowns, hoopla girls and many more.

The show was done by 8pm and we reached home at 8:30pm. We decided to order veggie hoagie from Davanni's for dinner.

I was too stuffed and decided to go for walk in the party hall. Since it is night time no one will be there. Baby R decided to join me. I told him he will get bored as there wont be any kids but he still decided to come.
He asked me how many rounds I wanted to make. Initially I thought of saying 10 then mentioned 15 thinking he will trouble me.
but he walked all the 15 rounds with me counting each round and never once complained.
I was sleepy with the long day but he was quite energetic and after 15 rounds we went back home to cuddle and sleep.