Monday, March 26, 2018

221g_Updates from India

So after 5 weeks on 24th Jan 2018 the hubby got an email to submit his passport and within a week his visa was issued whereas I am still waiting. Tomorrow will be 100 days since document submission.
January 2018:- We put Riti in a play school nearby 3 hrs 9:30 - 12:30. Ritvik was super bored without his sister as he had no one to fight with or trouble. He longed to go to school too. The fees were ridiculous for a short term but finally we opted for a school and put him there. Had to pay 33000/-
He joined on 10th Jan 2018 and then immediately had 4 days leave for Pongal.
Ritvik being the ever social butterfly enjoyed going to school and made many friends. There was a sports competition for all kids from different school and he won 2nd prize in Shot put, apart from that he got the lead to anchor the whole programme for their Annual Day. The teachers were super happy about him and he was too. We also enrolled him in tennis classes, more as a meduim for him to go out and play in the evening.
Along with him I too went and did some walking/running for some time.

Once Gopi''s visa was issued by Jan end it was decided that he and Ritvik will fly back on Feb 12th. Then it was more off buying stuff for them, going to relatives place etc. They flew to US on Feb 12th and me and Riti went to Pune the same day.
2 weeks we stayed there, me and mom went for Padmavat one day,went shopping with sis, had Sizzlers one day, got my license done and many other such stuff.
meanwhile my client got verification call form DHS, returned to CBE on Feb 27th.

Missing the boys

Tuesday, January 02, 2018

India Vacation 2017

So we suddenly decided to do an India trip this year-end as it has been 4 years since we traveled.
We both got out H1B petitions approved (mine had an ongoing amendment) but we decided to go anyways.
Gopi got his holidays confirmed for 4 weeks, ticket costs were less and so we booked for them 3 on 27th Nov 2017 and I booked my tickets on 3rd Dec 2017. Packing was done, tickets were confirmed, visa appointment dates were taken, internal travel plans were fixed.
I landed at Bangalore airport at 1 am and had my domestic connection at 5am in the morning to Pune. The family had already reached there the day before on Monday. Was happy to see them all and parents and the sister/nephew.
Arranged all the documents for the visa appointment, arranged for taxi to Mumbai, slept for an hour evening and then directly at night.
Got up next morning and me and hubby left for Mumbai. Checked in a hotel at Sion and then went for fingerprinting.
Evening went to an Ayyappa temple at Kurla, returned and slept.
Morning went to the US Consulate, Mumbai.Our appt was at 8:30 am.
We went in and there was a long line, at the fingerprinting counter they called my name and asked me to wait. Then someone asked for my petition, after I submitted and they checked , after an hour of waiting they let us in the interview counter.
The VO asked few qtns to both of us and then gave us both a yellow 221g slip and returned our passports saying She needs more verification that we have a valid job and we need to email all the documents(even though we had it with us). We were shocked and surprised and dissapointed and angry(all emotions together), we hardly spoke on our return trip back to Pune.
The next days were pure torture, not knowing what will happen, contacting everyone for the letters(recent dated) , getting the lawyer to draft the letter.
We got all the documents by 12th Dec but had to wait for the lawyer letter for a week. Very frustrating period as we could not sleep. Website said that it took 1-2 months.
10th Dec we returned to Coimbatore. Finally the lawyer send the document on 17th Dec and we submitted them on the 18th Dec. That is when for the first time in the trip I slept peacefully.
I planned for a Kerala trip from 25th Dec to 31st Dec.
Now just waiting for visa. Not sure of anything at this time.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Broadmoor Diwali Function -2017

Our annual Broadmoor function is a grand event each year. This year was no less, wonderful decoration, great performances and lastly tasty and yummy food.
Preparations normally start a month in advance but this time we started it late and tried to keep it very low-key but nevertheless we had about 50 families for the function.
As I was not taking part in the dance programme I took up anchoring after a long long time.
It was fun! Me &Manvita made a good pair together.
We started at 5:30 with the Ganesh Arti, then we had the Ramayan Skit(a different program this time) , then the dance performances followed by the Ladies dance and then the food.

Uploading pics soon

Thursday, November 09, 2017

Omaha Diaries--After Parents Left to India

This was the first week that the family would have to do without parents. I woke up at 5am fo rmy 7am flight. made Bumble's tiffin, packed his bag and got in my Lyft vehicle and reached airport and then to office.
Work and eve home, made Lauki daal and rice and slept.
Next day pretty much same routine except I went to hyper for some exercise.
Wednesday I made Mint biryani kindof for dinner and watched F.R.I.E.N.D.S
Thursday there was a Sogeti event --Employee Appreciation Week. at The Escape Room.
I went with my colleague, thought that we will be for half hr and then leave.
Turns out The Escape Room is this new concept of solving mysteries and can be done as a team building activity.
After about 5 of us were gathered we were put in a room and the idea was to Escape from that room in a given time with the help of the clues available in the room.
It was super-fun, it was the first time and we did not know what to expect but Darn! did we have fun. We could not complete the task in the stipulated time but everyone enjoyed. Another group were already in another room for their mystery .
Then we all went to Godfather's pizza, had wings and Veggie Cheesy Pies.
Went home and then had some Gobi paratha and slept
Fri flew back home. I should definitely try The Escape with hubby, it will be so much fun.

Much more next week.
Ta da

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Oct 2017 Month Omaha Diaries

I cannot believe it has been a month since I posted here. I moved out of my current accommodation that I was staying with 5 students to a place with 2 other working girls. They had arranged the house over the week-end, so I went to a well set home. 9th Oct I moved most of my stuff to the new place, then chatted with new roomies, had dinner and slept. Next day after work went to HYPER , did some exercise and came back, talked, eat and slept. I was not planning to travel this weekend of 13th Oct and asked G and family to come here on Thu nite and they would return by Sun.
The weather was supposed to be good but as Thu neared it started getting colder, then Wed night G was clearing all the farm stuff and he got back pain again, so travel looked dicey for him , he searched for tickets and got a good deal for me. Fri fly to MN and return on Tue.
Thu morning he went to the Chiro and he got the ok to travel but since weather was bad I asked them to skip and I went to MN on Fri and returned on Tue.

The weather this week turned out to be great so I asked them to come on Wed(18th Oct), sudden plan and afternoon they started driving and reached here by 8:30. I had not cooked anything so we went to a nearby pizza place(Lighthouse) and had Pizza.
Next day I came to office late and left by noon as we had plans to go to the Zoo. Mom had made some cauliflower sabji and Sambhar.
We reached the zoo at 1:30 and then went to the Kingdom of Nights & Desert area. There were some animals which I had not seen except read in books like skunk and was happy to see them. It was hot and after walking around for some time parents were tired, so I send them via the zoo vehicle to the Aquarium place while we walked around and saw peacock, elephant,Giraffe,Ostrich. Finally we reached the Aquarium and saw many fishes and beautiful Coral. We were done after that and left the Zoo, came home, had tea and then went to ElmWood park, the kids played and then at 7:30, I took them to HYPER , then returned home, had dinner and everyone slept by 10 pm.

Next day I went to ofc in the morning, they came by 12 to my ofc and then we all drove back Home. Gopi was working in the car while I drove all the way, reached home at nite.
Week-end was busy with Diwali programme organizing. This week I was @ home as parents were leaving for india.
26th Thu was their flight, we dropped them a the airport, their flight was delayed and I was with  them till 12:40, then came home and worked for some time.
Finally week-end also done and flew back Monday morning back to ofc .

Cannot wait to go back.....

Monday, October 09, 2017

Omaha Travels -Sept29th 2017 Week

I flew to MN on Sept 29th eve flight and this time decided to get my car, so I drove back on Sunday noon itself, hardly any time.
Here in Omaha I got enrolled in HYPR (an all-round fitness/gym facility)
You need a student to get you admitted, so I got a student from the floor below us and on Tuesday went and got my self enrolled. After dropping him back I went around the facility, Pretty good, nice hi-tech equipment and such. Toured around the facility and got back.
Next day I went and did some stretches and took the chair massage, this time I travelled back on Thu.
Reached home Thu evening, next day Fri had ofc for the first half then went and got my license stuff renewed, on the way went to Costco , then picked Dindu and G and came home.
Sat lazed about at home in the morning,went to MOA afternnon, got a  dress and top,came back, went to farmland then went fishing, got nothing and came back
Sun, went to temple , came and slept, played VB till eve and then night got ready to go in the morning.
Woke up at 3:15, got ready and came to the airport, no lines , so security etc was done fast and flight departed on time from MSP to Chicago..Had breakfast at Chicago airport and then took the next flight to Omaha, reached at 9 and off to office.

Friday, September 29, 2017

From a time long gone by

This happened in 2008 when a few months after marriage Gopi went to GE, Eden Prairie , MN, USA and I was out of project with a stamped l1 visa and searching for projects in the same location.
I got an onsite opportunity at Milwaukee for 4 weeks, initially I refused but since it was 4 weeks and a chance to come to US I compiled.
I got accomodations with Sribala..she was living in a 2BHK alone and preferred it that way but since she was going to India on vacation and I was there just for 4 weeks she agreed for me to stay with her.
I reached US, Chicago on Aug 3rd 2008, G came to pick me up, since the connecting flight was next day I got a complimentary stay from the airlines. We had some dinner and went to the restaurant and I slept. It was hubby's bday but I was damn tired after my long journey.
Next day instead of taking my flight  we drove to Milwaukee, G dropped me at the apt and left.
Next day to travel to ofc my roomie arranged for a guy some sardar(forgot his name) to pick me.

My manager was Henash Patel. He wanted me up to speed immediately. It was a hectic time for the first 2 weeks just getting to know the project, understanding the problem, I was full time working even at home. By the end of the 2 weeks I could deliver a solution which fixed a major part of their problem and it was a big win for me. That week-end I relaxed and went for a movie with the roomie to Kismet Konnection. By then we also got friendly and we went for a Milwaukee Fair with her friends. The next 2 weeks went by fast but less work, we girls went for a bowling nite and celebrated few friend's birthdays and had a great time.

The sardar was good, I told him I'll pay for my share of fuel for the month but he refused and so I just took him out for lunch.
In the cafeteria there was a helper(black) who hit on me big time. Whenever I went down he would ask me my # and out for a date. I even stopped going downstairs. One day (later) when I went and was filling water he came near me with a glass on the pretext of filling water and said that the management had complained as he was talking to me and he still kept pestering for my # to take me out. I hurriedly left form there.
Last week I had an interview with ShopNBC, Eden Prairie and my next assignment was there and so I left from Milwaukee aug end, G came to pick me, we drove to Chicago and then to Eden prairie.

What triggered this was old pictures that I saw.