Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Monday, December 08, 2014

Monthly Updates

So lot has been happening here.
First of all baby R's ultrasound came normal so nothing to worry. It was Big brother's birthday on the 12th Nov and we had a small party at home with his friends. There was a soccer cake this time , games and return gifts(which I ordered on Toys R Us).
Kids had a gr8 tiem and bday boy had a fabulous time ripping open his presents. I do not even know what presents he got from whom as he went so crazy that we jsut dumped everything in the basement for later use.
Then came preparations for Thanks giving , I had a couple of things that I wanted to get and we ended up getting much much more. I got tennis shoes, boots, one skirt, grill, watch for me & sis,bedsheet, blender,suitcases,boots for baby boy, and lots of other stuff.

We also ordered a vaccum cleaner online.
Work has been crazy as always.
On a healthier note I started going to 9 rounds kick boxing since Oct end. Joined a challenge there to get 22 workouts from Black Friday to X'mas, have been going regularly since past 10 days.

Monday, November 17, 2014

4 month check-up and other stats

This Friday Nov 14th we went for baby r's 4 month check-up, she was sleepy when we left and slept on her way to the clinic. Even when we reached there and I took her out of the stroller she was fast asleep.
She only woke up when I undressed her and then she gave everyone her beautiful smiles and grins.
She weighs 17lbs and length 25.5 inc.
The doc came to check her and mentioned about different skin folds on her under thighs and so we have to get an ultrasound done to make sure nothing is wrong with her hips.
I have scheduled that for the 18th Nov 2014.

Meanwhile on Friday we had a Ladies night out. Around 10-15 ladies met at the party hall, had tea, snacks and then started playing Dumbcharades, lots of shouting and laughing happened. Then we decided to play rapid round Antakshari and again lots of laughing and shouting ensured so much that my throat started hurting.

Then songs were played and everyone danced around. By the time we went home it was 2:30 am.

I woke up next day at 8 am (bcoz my son woke up and ensured we all get up), I fed baby , got ready and then went for VB practice at Champions hall, by the time I returned it was 11 am and it started snowing. had lunch/bath/slept and then evening was gettign bored so at night we went to casino and retuned at 12:30 am.

Sun morn again we woke up at 8, thanks to my baby boy, had breakfast, went for 9 round(all 3 of us went) R had a gr8 time doing all the exercise we usually do. Retuned home, had lunch, slept a lot, had bath, went to party hall with baby and mummy, returned home and the day was done.

Back to work Monday morning!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Completed 4 months

Happy 5th Birthday

My life...........

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Where have I been?

October is a crazy month for me, we have our annual Broadmoor Diwali function as as your truly is the one organizing and managing everything I get really busy.
To add to that I had a major deployment since Friday which is still going on and I have not logged of fmy PC since last few days.

As usual kids dance programmes/ladies dance(this time I gave a skip)/kids skit/other programmes, everything is going on in full flow.

Weather has been great for the month of October. Sunday we went to G's friend's house warming party. R wanted to come with us but last minute he went with BIL family for a ride. We had lunch and reached home by 3.I was again working and evening 5pm we went out to get some baby pics. Baby R co-operated really well and we got a few good clicks.
She got sleepy and so we returned.

G went for tennis and me and mummy watched movie 'Banglore Days'. Night we ordered hoagies from Davannis and thus the week-end got over quickly.

Monday, October 20, 2014

And we covered one milestone today

My baby turned...she has been trying to turn for the past 3-4 days and today she succeeded.
At 3 months 10 days  she turned.

Pics coming soon.