Wednesday, September 16, 2015

To my darling Riti

It has been 14 months now and you are walking/running/screaming and talking all like a big girl.
You love to eat food and the minute you spy something you will point your fingers and say Ku Ku which means you want it, same goes for your anna's water bottle or yummy and junk food that you see.
You have still not taken whole heartedly to whole milk drinking on and off ocassionally.
I am only breast feeding you at night and maybe I'll stop that soon so you can sleep by yourself at night and I can sleep blisfully too.
you are at that stage where you are repeating so much words and can already tell No, Thank-you, hi, bye, Mine etc..
it is so much of a pleasure to see you repeating the words in your child like way.
you want to go outside all the tiem and the minute you see your dad, you get his slippers and then point to the door.
The fun part is to see you sneak nea r your Anna, grab the remote and run away laughing.
You are also attracted to the mobile phone, though I dont give it to you you will take any one phone that you see lying outside and keep it at your ears and start talking.
I am thinking it was  joyride with you till now and the fun is yet to begin.

love u my mottuuuuuuuuu

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

First Day of School

Today my baby Bumble starts his first day of school in 1st grade. He rides the school bus, goes to the school lunch with his friends, will gain new experiences, hope he enjoys his school, learns to be a good and smart kid and excels in all that he does.

My baby ...umaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

Monday, August 03, 2015

Happy Birthday Darling!!

Little R's Birthday Details

So the little one's birthday happened and we had a great summer party for her. As usual all the planning and things happened at the last minute and with the long week-end trip that we made the prior week we really had no time to think clean. First of all i was sure that we wanted a simple birthday party in the park, just a birthday banner , but last minute hubby wanted to order ballons and make a huge ballon arrangement, he also wanted a theme-jungle's theme, i spoke him out of it but still he ordered purple helium and many many ballons for flowers and butterflies and who knows what.
Also he wanted something different and said we should have a pani-puri stall(again spoke him out of it) or a dosa stall atleast(this was doable).
Then had to think of side items decided on starters cake/baby corn manchurian,bhel,cut fruits,tortillas and chips.
Had lots of games organized for kids and we got prizes.
For the main course it was dosa(onion/carrot) hot from the tawa with sambhar/chutney, veg biryani/raita and desert was kulfi/ice-cream.

Now for the bad part, the ballons were blown up the night before but by morning they lost the helium and had come down, all the stuff and more was to be transported from home to the park which is 20 mins from home. We reached late, guests had already gathered. In all the mayhem we forgot candles, there was no birthday banner, we had got a huge poster of baby R which was not put anywhere, tableclothes were missing, so we just went ahead and cut the cake and had everyone have starters. Since there was a play area nearby the kids were all playing there, organized a couple of games by then it was lunch time, everyone were amazed and happy to have the hot yummy dosa concept which was a huge hit.
Finally we were tired too and reached home by 3.
Shall post pics soon.

Note: We went with a no gift policy for her birthday.

Thursday, July 09, 2015

Happy Birthday Little one

A year's gone by,

How time has flown,

We can't believe

How Ritiha’s grown!

She's such a joy

And so much fun,

Oh my! Our baby's

Turning One!

We’ll eat cake and have lots of fun.

Today’s extra special because you turn ONE

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

My reads

1. The School of Essential Ingredients by Erica Bauermeister --Love
2. The Cherico Cola Book Club --Light Read, Good
3.Orange is the New Black --Good
4. The Dirty Life --In Progress, Love
5. Relish --Fun Read

Friday, June 05, 2015

My favourite article of clothing --Blog marathon 3

Again I picked my prompt from here. My favority piece of clothing is dresses. I love wearing dresses with the curls and sways and the freedom that they give me.

I have owned a number of dresses and I want to buy more. The only downside of having dresses is also having neatly waxed legs.
As a kid I remember my mom had aksed an aunty to stitich a yellow color dress for me and that was my favorite with the frills and the curls. We never found anything like that ready-made in the shops.
I usually purchased lots of dresses as a kid and when I was done with it, it would be given to my little cousins.

Lately I have also bought maxis, these are also very comfortable especially in the summer time.

Some things which I had