Thursday, September 08, 2005

Viva Las Vegas

Well, the July 4th week-end was nearing and all my friends had their plans laid down, well I was not the one to be left behind. Immediately a couple of phone calls here and there ensured that I had a place and a group to visit the place. The place chosen was Las Vegas- The Sin City, the name itself stirring a lot of excitement in me.

As soon as the trip was decided one night saw me and my roomate frantically searching on the net for the cheapest tickets available, but being the holiday season luck did not favor us and finally we got tickets which landed us at midnite in the city.

We were waiting eagerly for the D-day to arrive, had all our luggage packed, and all I had to on the morning of the flight was get our boarding passes, go to the airport and fly to 3 days of fun and excitement.
Morning saw me logging in to get the boarding pass and to my astonishment I find that the flight we were scheduled to leave was CANCELLED!!!. This was not happening, I rechecked the flightno and then made a call to the Customer Service where I was informed by a male voice that yes, the flight was indeed cancelled due to a mechanical problem and the next available flight would leave at 9:00 a.m and take me to Vegas at 11:00 a.m the NEXT MORNING. My God, half a day wasted, what abt our hotel bookings, planned trips, who was gonna pay for that but apparently the airline never bothered about that.
Now I was not going to moan the entire nite, I went to the airport and demanded they put me in any available flight and after much running around at different airports I was put on a non-stop flight and reached vegas at midnite :)) (reaching ON-TIME I would say).

First Impression :- VEGAS WAS HOT, I could feel the heat waves all over my body. The morning saw me taking a stroll along the STRIP, do a little of shopping, a Magic show, went to the Wax Studio and late nite went to a haunted Show which was a big dissapointment and haunt me for years to come. Had dinner at midnite and as we returned to the hotel our vehicle refused to start.
Oh no, was this supposed to be the trip where things would just go wrong if they had to.
Anyway we had our guys running around late nite changing vehicles while we girls decided to take rest.

The next day we drove to Hoover Dam and from there all the way to GrandCanyon, not to mention that we had to return back the same nite to watch the oh so spectacular Bellagio's musical fountain which I must say was a spectacular event.

The last day we visited to Stratosphere, a very high tower and the added attraction there are the rides on top of the tower. After a good amount of force from my friends I decided to take the rides and they were quit fun. Evening saw us hopping in and out of a few casinos and then we were off to the airport.

Well we spent a good 3 hrs at the airport before we boarded our flight and had a good sleep till we finally boarded off at la Guardia and was back at home, back to work, back to plan & prepare for the next trip.
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