Friday, August 18, 2006

A Feeling of "LOST"

Feeling of LOST
L - Low
O - Over
S - Sorrow
T - Tired

This is exactly what I felt as I sat in office one late Friday evening. I had planned for supper at Pizza Hut with my fiancee when he was urgently called for a meeting that would make him miss his buss and in turn would make both of us miss the treat.

This also meant that in normal time I would have left my office by this time but now with nothing much to look forward here I am thinkin thinkin thinkin............................ which ultimately led me to this feeling.

I realized I was not doing anything in my life... I volunteered for this program Dream India which a close friend had told me about. In short it is about teaching kids. I went there one Sunday to take a class and the joy I felt on seeing the enthusiasm on each child's face was a gift in itself. But due to my weekly travels to Pune (where my parents stay) I was unable to give proper commitment to this cause. Due to this I did not even go on every few weekends I was in Mumbai.

Secondly career-wise I was not reaching anywhere, no new technology to learn, was getting wasted here.

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