Saturday, September 19, 2009

My Surprise Baby Shower

12th Sept 2009:- This was the day I got a surprise baby shower celebration from my dear friends...organized by a very dear friend Gayathri.
So this is how it all started. A week before that is on the 7th Sept G asked me to attend a baby shower for one of her friends, I readily agreed to it, she also mentioned that it was a traditional party and so I had to wear something ethical, well nothing did fit me really now but I had a blue saree got from India and not worn till now, i thought I could make some use of it.
So on 12th morning I got up and made the blouse loose and then got ready by 7 pm to go to G's place, the plan was that G would drive to her friends place. By 7:30 I reached G's place and we sat chatting, actually she was stalling for time since here i.e at our apt complex hubby and frnds had to get the party hall arranged and also wait for all the guests to come.
All this time she kept telling me how her frnd was going to dress and all other details, playing the part to perfection I would say.
At 8:30 pm finally she made some xcuse about getting the car from our apt complex and so we had to drive back there and then we went to the party hall, while we were in the lift I sort of got an idea of what was happening :)

As we entered the hall I saw the decorations and also all my friends standing with smiles on their faces. Was definitely surprised and thrilled.
Attendes were Aadya,Ajira,Soniya,Vikash,Thomas,Soumya,Johan,Jai,Jiya,Mili,Vid&Kamlesh,Mohit&Shrada,
and of course my hubby.
Well after the inital surprsie subsided then I cut the nice blue cake. Once that was done attention was moved to games. The first game was 'Guess the Gerber'. We were blindfolded and had to taste 3 gerber brands and guess the fruit/vegetable. I failed miserable, couldnt guess a single one. It was only the 2 mommies who got all the 3 correct, full marks to them.
Next was gues sthe tummy where in each person was given a string and had to cut it guessing my tummy size. Darshan was the closest.
By this time Usha had to leave and everyone were hungry so food was attacked with full force. It was a yummy potluck dinner with idli dhokla, pasta,lemon rice, rice, chole, bhoondi and delicious kheer.
Time for the 3rd gmae in which each person was given a chit and had to write something about themselves, then all chits were collected and each was read out and remaining had to guess the person who it related to. Everyone knew each other very well it looked like.
Finally was the Dirty diaper game. Hot choclolates were melted in 3 diapers and passed around and we had to guess the chocolates used. Well again not an easy one. Tony cheated on the game with Natu's help and thus emerged the winner. All in all it was fun and exciting and everyone had a great time. It was 11:30 and time for present xchange and photo session. Finally after cleaning up we went home for a good night's sleep after a great evening.
once again thanks to Gayathri for organizing the party and the wonderful games.

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