Monday, October 11, 2010

Importance of being Parents

I think that one never really understands the true value of parents till you become one yourselves. Right now I want to protect my baby boy from all the troubles in the world, I know I would worry like hell if he would get sick, I want to protect him so that he does not fall down while trying to stand because one tear from him will break my heart. And this is when I think about the n number of times I have fallen down while playing...I never cared about falling down but now I think how much my parents must have worried. Growing up my I went to school and played with kids in the colony, mom cooked, washed our clothes, helped us in our studies, woke us in the mornings but no big deal I thought --that is what all moms did and dad went to office to work, I hardly saw him when I was a kid..but again that is what all dads did..No big deal......Teenage life I was most of the time out with friends..though as a family we did have vacations all over India...There was a time when I though my parents did not even like me much..nothing that they said or did but just my thoughts...In my First year of college I had to undergo a minor surgery and 1 week later we had to go for the check-up...Once the doctor removed the stitches I don't know if it was seeing him do it or the medicine smell as soon as I came out I fainted. Unfortunately for me, my finger got jammed in the door and my first and only fainting of life till day lasted not more than a minute or two. The doctor came out and said everything was fine. But it was later I came to know that within that 2 minutes my mom fainted and my dad had tears in his eyes. That is when I realized and I knew for sure that my parents would be heart-broken if anything happened to me, they loved me so much, they would be shattered.

After this I realized that so many times we take what moms do like cooking, waking early and making break-fast, as granted but it in fact is a tremendous chore to do. I don't fuss over food, never did even as a kid..nor at my place nor anyone else coz I understand the pains a mom has gone to get that done.
Dads--working in office from day to nite just so that we can be happy..staying by our side when we are sick..just so that we can sleep well.
Luv u both M&D

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