Thursday, December 30, 2010

Year 2010 - Flashback in Months

Jan 2010: 1st Jan, baby Ritvik's first major outing to Hindu Temple, car broke had to borrow another car..Mom,Me,G,Ritz and Paarth went in the cold winter..though baby slept almost entire journey. 2nd Jan -- had a New Year party in the eve at Parkway..was tensed baby will create havoc but peacefully slept entire time. breast feeding going on normally now and baby playing more.

Feb 2010: Started going to ofc, sis came for 10 days..took Paarth with her when she left..was again tensed how baby will sleep with mom but turned out he adjusted well. naps for mom & baby from 2-5, then playing with baby. Grandpa now spending more and more time with baby tellign stories.

March 2010: Baby turned on back..1st major milestone achieved..parents left last week of march. 1 week stayed at home to take care of baby..did everything for baby ..njoyed very much...last week in-laws came.

Apr 2010: Went to Chicago for 3 day trip. 7hrs drive one way, baby did pretty well, now can tke for longer trips :) Did baby's Anna Prasaana in Hindu temple..

May 2010: 6 months completed for baby..going out for walks with grandparents in the evening and then interacting with others, started solid foods.

June 2010: baby started crawling, now can move about everywhere, have to be careful with everything.

July 2010: Went to LA-LV-san Diego with baby and in-laws. In-laws left for India, started puttign baby to Day care. got 1st cold. 2nd week of day care not going well, baby crying a lot

Aug 2010: Baby not ready for daycare, staying at home with baby..went to India for 1 month, attended 2 weddings.

Sept 2010: Back to EP, baby still not gettign adjusted at day care. weather changed , Went back to India to leave baby at in-laws

Oct 2010: Missing baby, started gym, work going on fine.

Nov 2010: Same routine..Started TT, Won $150 at Mystic Lake on Thanksgiving. Started Salsa class with hubby.

Dec 2010: Missing baby but happy he is njoying. Celebrated X'mas with new group of frnds, was absolute waiting for 1 more day for new year..

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