Monday, January 03, 2011

Jan 3rd 2011 - My Sister - My Friend

So once we moved to Dehuroad somewhere in the year 1983 it was a small community of people we got acquainted with. There were not many kids and majority of the few ones were my sister and me spend most of the time together...we were always together to go out to the library at the club or to parties at the club..she helped me with my studies..helped me to learn bicycle..ofcourse we fought a lot too.
Infact in some fights we would hit each other too, my parents learnt early on never to interfere in our fights bcoz if they did, after some time we would resolve our fights and they would turn out to be the villians...:)
We could never stay without talking to each other for a long time though...she would cut my hair like the famous sadhna cut at that time and my mom would yell at both of us.
She would do all the housework which ended up in me being lazy as a bum..sometiems when she was angry she would tell my mom--why do i have to do everything , why cant she? but when I would go to wash the dishes or something she would not allow me to do anything..
She would tell me all her secrets..oooh she can talk non-stop..after college life, when she went to work it was morn to late at nite and we got to talk very less, then she got married and then we spoke even more less...some hardships in her life where I tried but did not help much..infact at that time I was myself very angry with her and to add to all that I had some of my own personal issues.
Thankfully all that has been left behind and we have come out of it once more friendly and even stronger bond between us.
Luv u Sis!


Ria said...

A very sweet post...i wish i had a sister like that.

Horizon said...

Hey Ria--I gather from your posts that you are an only child....
Yeah..Sisters are fun :)