Sunday, March 06, 2011

Lazy Sunday Morning

oooooooooooooooooooh- I have been getting these shoulder aches fro quite some time now, so finally I decided to go to a chiropracter. I took an appointment for this Friday but at the last minute on talking to one of my friends changed my mind and decided to get a good massage.
So I had a coupon to one of the massage places but they were not open on the week-ends and so I thought I would take an appt on Monday.
Then on Sunday morning I realized I had another massage place near home which was open on Sundays, so I called them and as they were totally booked on Sundays took an appt on Monday.
Now as all this was happening hubby dear got into the mood and mentioned he would like to give me a free massage, well what more could I ask.
SO he goggled on You tube for some good techniques, set up the table, warmed the oil and gave me a good and proper full body massage.
What a heavenly way to start a Sunday morning.
Truly blessed. :)


Ria said...

wow!! nothing better than getting a massage from ur sweetheart. ;)

Horizon said...

u bet! Thanks for visiting Ria :)