Monday, January 14, 2013

Wishlist Wednesdays 5

Here is the 5th installment of Wishlist Wednesdays. For more details go here
Topic today is
I wish I had one more chance to ...................

I am a person who basically does not like to look in the past. I firmly believe that whatever has to happen will happen to you and it happens for the best.
Having said this and the post forced me to look back at life and here is my say:-

I wish I had one more chance to ...................
1) Give a tight slap to the guy who groped my butt on a bus in Kerala. This was in my 10th std. we had gone to kerala for vacations and was boarding a bus. In kerala women/girls always climb from the front but me being a city girl did not feel the need to adhere to this and got in from behind. (The bus was at the bus depo, so it was empty with us being the first ones to get in). This guy got in behind me and cheekily grabbed my butt. I was shocked and turned round and glared at him. That did not stop him, he just removed his hand when he wanted to after a minute or two.
Given the chance now , I would have definitely turned round and given him a hard slap across his face.

2) After completing my Graduation, I wanted to do my Master's in Computers(only reason being, I knew a job in IT would lead me to US(onsite)). Dad wanted me to do M.A. I did get admission from a well known institute for Mass Communication. I would have loved to do the course in M.C. (the course curriculum sounded interesting )  and it would have taken me into the world of Journalism/Advertising creativity. If I had one more chance I would have definitely chosen to do Mass Communication.

3) The ability to say 'No' and not put up with things ever.
 I never wanted to get into a committed relationship till I got married. I did have my flings and crushes. One thing I realized is that I care a lot about other's feelings, even more than mine. Even though I hurt I did not want others to hurt.
 For two months of my life I befriended a guy. We were not in love nor were we having an affair. Initially it was good when we were getting to know  each other but after that he became this whiny, demanding sort of guy, being nice at one moment, fighting at the other. After 2 months I completely stopped talking to him but I do wish , I never met the guy at all. I just pacify myself with
 "Bad guys have to happen to realize who a good one is"


Nachi D said...

Nicely written. You are very honest and practical. Keep up the good work.

Horizon said...

Thanks Nachi