Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Wishlist Wednesdays --Last One

THis is the last in series for the Wishlist Wednesdays. More details can be seen at Preeti's blog here
Today's prompt is I wish I could be like_____________________ (name of person). This person is special because.............

I wish I could be like my Mother. This person is special because she is the most beautiful, selfless, energetic, enthusiastic person I have seen till date.
She is the eldest of all siblings and she has always made it a point to give back to her parents, brothers, sisters and thier kids. Whether it is monetary benefits that they required or new dresses,she would always provide it for them.

When my dad had his first heart-attack(20 yrs back, I don't even remember the incident clearly) she stood strongly by his side nurturing him back to health and being by his side even today. At that time she had 2 young girls to take care of (I was in the 4th std and my sister in the 8th). She would get us ready to go to school in the morning and then take dad's lunch to the hospital(which was 10 kms away and she had to travel by local train), return in the evening for us and again go back to give dinner and return at night.

She loves celebrating the little things in life and no matter what occassion it is we all celeberate it by going out for dinner or being together. This is done mostly by seeing her enthusiasm and to see the smile on her face. She also makes it a point to take lots of pictures to capture these moments.

In her little subtle ways she has taught me that it does nto matter what others think of us as long as we are true to oneself.
With her by my side I can face the entire world. Luv you mumma.



Tanu said...

Mums are powerhouse of strength.
Very important lesson indeed to not care what others think of us!
Good luck!
Penultimate Thoughts

Horizon said...

Thanks Tanu