Monday, March 25, 2013

Dream India

Education has been a very important aspect in our home. My dad had made it clear early on that even though he had 2 daughters, both of them would be educated well. It was then our responsibility to get good jobs and sustain well without being financially dependent on anyone. I have seen my cousins drop out of college and then doing some job with meagre pays which does nothing to support them and their family.

I strongly believe in educating kids so that we build a new India, a confident nation whose youth is empowered with education and which will, find its rightful lofty place in this world

2006: In those days I was working in an IT company at Borivali, Mumbai. On Week-ends I would mostly  travel home to Pune or else would stay over. On asking friends what they did for week-ends one of them mentioned she went to the nearby slum to teach kids.
I love kids and I just loved the whole idea of teaching them, so the next Saturday I met her at the bus-stop and we went together to the slums.
She has been going regularly and the kids ran out to greet us with all smiles. There were about 20 of them all from ages 6-10.
We started teaching the class together and the expressions on their face was one of pure joy. They just soaked all the information we were giving. In between the class,  raised hands would ask curious questions. After class they came and surronded me and asked a lot of inquisitive questions which was a joy to answer. All in all I had loads of fun. I did go for a month or two until I got an onsite assignment and had to move abroad.

Dream India started by Varun Rangarajan with three volunteers has now grown to three hundred and  has centers in Chennai and Pune alongside Mumbai.
For more details you can visit the website

It is my dream that when I go back to India I will be part of a NGO and spend my time in teaching kids but for now I cherish the moments I had with DreamIndia.

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