Tuesday, August 06, 2013

YellowStone Trip – Day 1

July 3rd(Wednesday):- Finally the day arrived to get going for our trip. 2 families(ours and K) decided to fly. Our flight route was Minneapolis – Denver and then drive to the cabin. The flight was scheduled at 2 but was delayed by and hour which gave us much breathing space. In the morning I quickly prepared chapatti and capsicum paneer sabji to take on the trip. G came by 1 and we reached the airport by 2. We checked the car seat in and were told we could pick it at the destination airport i.e Denver.

Once the security check was done we had more than an hour to idle away. R and A(the kids) went to the play area and I tagged along with them. At 4 they announced the flight and we got in. We reached our destination by 5:15. The car rental office was 10 miles away from the airport and they told us they would close the doors at 6. We had to wait for the car seat and could not leave immediately. Our eyes kept glancing at our watches and back. Finally we got the car seat and we rushed out to catch a cab and reached the rental place dot at 6 pm. After completing the paperwork we went to a supermart to get some snacks and stuff. Finally we set of at 6:40 pm. It was a long tiring 9 hr drive to our cabin. The clock just wouldn’t go fast, we could feel each hour passing by. Finally at 4 am the GPS said 10 more minutes to destination. I could almost visualize myself in the bed in another 20 mins. Ah! Sweet glory.

But this was not the case to the be, the place where GPS told us was a dead-end and pitch dark. We still went someplace ahead but there was nothing just a lane going nowhere. Being so dark we di dnot want to get lost so we turned and came back to where we started. It was already 4:30 am. Now. G then called the lady and after going much back and forth we realized we were at a wrong place and had to travel another 30 mins. Finally at 5:30 we reached the cabin. It was beautiful, a lone cabin sitting in middle of acres and acres of farmland. The cabin itself was 3 storey with all the required neccessities. We got a room and crashed on to the bed. The other 2 families reached at 7:30. They had their own adventure.

We woke up by 12, freshened up, made lunch of veg pulav and at 2 set off for Grand Teton Park. On the way we stopped at Johnson Point for lunch, from there we travelled to the park. At the park we took the Jackson hole Ariel Tram Ride. This cable ride takes us to the summit of Rendezvous Mountain in about nine minutes. Guests will travel 4,139 vertical feet to get to the top of the mountain Read more: http://www.city-data.com/articles/Jackson-Hole-Aerial-Tram-Rides-Jackson.html#ixzz2bClDiBKb.

We were at the top of the mountains overlooking the entire park. As usual we clicked lots of pictures and then drove down. It was already evening and hence we decided to go back at the motel. On the way we stopped over to purchase some noodles to prepare for nite. Once we reached the cabin we cooked dinner of egg noodles and everyone was off to bed,


Avada Kedavra said...

Nice writeup. I have been wanting to visit Yellowstone for a long time now. Waiting for the next part in this series.

Avada Kedavra said...

I am a taurean too :)

Horizon said...

Thanks dear. SShd put up the next ones soon with pictures.
I luv taureans, they match my wavelength very much.