Thursday, September 19, 2013

Yellow Stone Day 2

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Day 2 (July 4th):- We all got up by 7 ish and had breakfast of eggs/bread/jam. We also made Tomato rice and packed to take for lunch. We all were ready by 8:30 am to leave and then the morning ritual happened.
On the first day too we all were ready but could not find the keys to loc the house, the owner had mentioned it would be in a tiny box, we all kept searching for like 45 mins until we finally realized we were searching near the back door and the tiny box was at the front door entrance. on Day 1 we locked and left and when we returned we unlocked the door and placed the key back in the tiny box.
On Day 2 the tiny box refused to open, it had a pin, no amount of entering the keys would budge the tiny box. We again wasted around 30 mins trying to open it and finally left the house unlocked.

We decided to take the West Entrance to the park and cover the Upper Loop. We first stopped at a rest area in Madison and from there we went up to Gibbon Area. On nearing the palce one of our friends realized that they had left their camera bag at the rest area, so we all stopped there while two of them went back to get the bag. We took loads of pictures here. Then we decided to go up to Norris. On the way we passed Gibbon Falls.
We spend a good time exploring the Norris Geysers, the geysers are beautiful with bubbles emerging from the hot springs, some complained of the sulphur smell but I was not bothered. They just looked beautiful.

 From there we travelled to Mammoth Springs, on the way we stopped for lunch. By the time we reached Mammoth it began to rain, we waited for the rain to subside and then went to see mammoth. It is beautiful with all the various colors that you can see, we clicked a lot of pictures , on top there is a rock from which fumes come out , it really looks like Shiv Lingh. We then returned to our vehicle and decided to take the route "The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone". It began to rain heavily and we did make 1 or 2 stops . We also stopped mid-way to make tea in our portable stove.
At 7 ish we decided to head back to our cabin, on the way we stopped at many little geysers, in the evenings with the rains all the geysers were very alive fuming out hot smoke. On the way we saw many bisons and elks, infact when we were nearing the exit park a family of moose walked out to greet us.
Evening we ordered pizza and buffalo wings from KFC and then head back home to rest. 

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