Wednesday, October 23, 2013

TOUCH Thursday No 3

This is the 3rd TOUCH Thursday entry:-
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Today's prompt is If you are a woman, write 3 things (or more)  that you really want from men

When I was young and naive I wanted a guy who would talk a lot, pamper me to the hilt , make me laugh all the time yaada yaada.
Now I realize that these things are not very critical in everyday living, so today my thoughts are reversed. I need a man who will

1. Respect his and my family. For me family is very important. I would never do anything to hurt my or his parents and I want someone to reciprocate the same feelings. Someone whom I know that even if things go wrong among us will not hurt my parents.

2. Peace of Mind:- I have known to have the jealousy streaks so much that it eats into my mind. I am grateful to be in a relation where I do not have that kinds of stress and can be peacful and relaxed.

3. Let me be Myself:- Just allow me to do the things that I really like to do and be a constant support.

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