Friday, March 06, 2015

And then there were 2

This post is inspired from R's Mom post here .
Sibling love is the most beautiful and precious emotion  in the whole universe.

I see my little one's eyes light up the moment she sees her older brother, He in turn wants to hug, cuddle and kiss her all the times (xcept when he is playing on his ipad) even then if I ask him to entertain her he will call her quickly 'Kunniie"(in Malu).
He can dance and entertain her non-stop and she will always be in peals of laughter, if I do the same thing he does she will just smile. If he screams peeka--peeka boo you can hear her squeals in the other room.

At night he will kiss her and then tell me, Mom, she is the cutest or things like 'She is super cute Amma', I love her, she is my baby.

The younger one is no less, the minute anna walks in and squeezes her tight a bright smile will be plastered on her face. We will be scolding him as he might crush her or put her weight on her but she is always having fun.

Hope thier love and bonding continues as years go by.

Luv u my chubbies.


Vincy said...

Hmmm.. you must be feeling so proud to see your children love each other. there is no love or bond in the world that could be replaced like the sibling love. enjoy the lovely moments of mommyhood. :-) :-) happy for you Seema,

Horizon said...

True Vincy...watching them together is my Awwwwwwwwwwwww moments.