Friday, March 17, 2017


Inspired by Sayesha I decided to do a 30 day no sugar challenge. recently I have also been reading a lot about how too much sugar consumption is bad for the body yada yada and I really want to give it a try. I always had a sweet tooth but lately I have been going to extremes like simple eating sugar if I cannot find anything sweet, popping 2 macroons and sometimes even 3, buying chocolates from the cafeteria if I feel like it etc etc. So just for myself I have started this 30 day challenge on no sugar which means no tea, no chocolates,no fries,no pizza,no macroons and no artificial sugar. I still decided to go ahead and eat sweet fruits and honey and jaggery if needed(though I usually do not consume that too much)

GO ahead and join me or encourage me

Day 1: Mar 13th
No tea, had egg and bread for bfast, some rice and sabji for lunch, no tea in the evening, was so hungry by 8, quickly eat the rice and fish curry.
Told Ritvik about my challenge, he wanted to join too. I told him he could do a shorter version of it, maybe 10-5 days and he said very confidently, "Amma, I will do it for one evening" :)
he however did request to give him healthy options for lunch and not the bread/jam I give him everyday.

Day 2: Mar 14th
As I could not give bread/jam for school lunch, I made a panner grilled bread, had it for bfast(omitted ketchup), took grapes and strawberry for lunch, but laptop crashed at ofc and I would get the replacement only the next day, so came home had rice/fish curry for lunch..No tea, snacked on some mitcher  and nite had panner/broccoli paratha.

Day 3:Mar 15th
Send panner parantha for lunch, had bread/omlette for bfast, got curd/rice and pickle for lunch.
Went home, someone got a cake asked hubby to eat but he refused, couldn't control and took a bite.

Day 4: Mar16th
Had maida dosa for bfast, got shrimp and chapatti for lunch, couldn't control sugar urge so went to cafeteria and got a blueberry/honey/pecan bar. Evening picked a bourbon biscuit but before popping it in the mouth remembered the challenge so restrained from eating it.
Had dal /rice and fish for dinner

Day 5: Mar17th
Had bread/butter  for bfast, omitted the sugar.



Jon Ossote said...

So, it's nice information, In my opinion it's great!

Vincy said...

Seema I have been off sugar from 2011. I started it as a prayer when my Sonny boy was in standard 11 for 2 years until he completes his schooling. But then i thought to myself if i can do it for 2 years why not for some more time.

i do not force anyone around me, though i occasionally speak about the ill-effects of Sugar, but thats it.

Its actually easy-peasy, if you make up your mind.

Way to go Seema, I see you are involving your family too. Great going. Wishing you to continue this even after 30 days.

Horizon said...

Thanks for the encouragement but it is very difficult for you gave up Sugar totally..OMG, I want to touch your feet.