Sunday, July 25, 2010

Food for my baby

Now that in-laws have left and I am solely incharge of my son, I intend to do away with store bough baby food and cook them on my own.
Well I did right that but wait a minute - he just does not eat them.
Whoa! this is not what I had in mind, so now I have to try various tips and tricks to get him eating.
Will be jotting them down.

Steam apple pieces, offer as finger foods- refuses to open mouth after first bite.....
Feel sorry for myself, try to put it in his mouth by doing various antics but no luck- have to throw it.

Steamed apple again , this time pureed it in mixie- baby gobbles it up.
Sat: July 24th : Baby is down with cold, cannot give him his favorite banana ..
Morn: gave him a readymade pear/strawberry/granola fruit which was the last of the store bought.

Lunch- Boiled spinach in shallow water and pureed. Added some rice cereal to this. Baby loved it.

Eve: Bread piece.

Night: Cauliflower pureed with mango--he seemed to like this too

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