Wednesday, November 24, 2010

10 pros & Cons of leaving my baby in India

Top 10 Pro's
1) He is in India :)
2) He gets to spend time with his grand-parents
3) He can breathe fresh air daily, not stay indoors in the winter here
4) He can lead a diaperless life :)(this is my personal favorite)
5) He can mingle with relatives and lots & lots of other people
6) He can eat well cooked home food everyday
7) He gets to attend all the festivals
8) He escapes the cold winter
9) I get to laze as much as I want
10) Me & Hubby get time to spend with each other

Top 10 Cons
1) I miss my baby
2) Miss Hugging him
3) Miss kissing him
4) Miss his smiles
5) Miss his bites
6) Miss his laugh
7) Miss his cries
8) Miss carrying him
9) Miss putting him to sleep
10) Miss! Miss! Miss him


Ria said...

Aww...this was such a sweet post. Give a big kiss to ur baby from my side.

Horizon said...

Sure--will do--when I see him after 3 months :(