Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Diwali - 2010

This year Diwali we decided to have a Diwali get-together at Eden prairie, not many people around, the total group consisted of about 25 people. Officially Diwali was on 5th Nov but due to high booking of party hall we got it the following week-end on 14th Nov.

Girls were requested to do a dance and so were the boys. Girls dutifully started their practise 2 weeks in advance. I was in the games team, I decided to organize Bingo/tam bola.. we also decided on Treasure hunt, had to decide on the the hiding places, the clues, organizing is quite an effort.

Finally on the d-day the program which was scheduled to start at 5 was an hour late as all the pretty ladies had to get ready in their Saree's. All looked lovely for the delay :) next was the Diwali pooja, followed by treasure hunt, it was fun to see all adults running around the whole apartment complex as kids.
After starters was the next game- pass a polo using toothpics, then was the much awaited perform aces by girls and Boys, followed by dinner and then Bingo.
After this it was dance by all which was a blast. Cleaning the hall and went back to our homes ended the great day.

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