Sunday, September 04, 2011

On changing names - Post 4

A rose by ay other name would smell as sweet - William Shakespeare.
We each have a identity of our own per se our name. In Indian tradition though many change it to reflect their husbands name.
In our present generation many stick to their maiden names, many change their husbands name, many others add their husbands name to their maiden name and so on and so forth.

Each one do what they feel is right or comfortable with and I am not voicing my opinion on it. What I am about to narrate is how and when I changed mine.

In our community we do not have any surnames and so all I have is a first name and last name in my passport. Now during the time I got married the company that I work for came up with a new process. They made the surname field mandatory in passport and so I had to renew my passport once again with the name change. As I was getting married, I decided to change with my husband's name as that way any further travel documents that I would require would be easy to get.
Now one thing I know for sure is that I am not getting any divorce only to avoid going through the process of name change :)
At my workplace my name was still my father's name and my email id is still the same. Changing my name will not change me, I will still remain my daddy's precious little princess for ever.

Do you feel strongly about your maiden name or are you okay with changing it to your husbands name or a combo of both.


☆ Rià ღ said...

Well, i don't feel the need to change the surname...besides in my case, i didn't really have the time to go thought the legalities of name change as i had lots to do before i moved to UK from India.

Vidya said...

I am ok with changing names...I mean as u said, i dont need a tag to remain my father's daughter but once married all assume or address u as Mrs we dont have a choice there and to tell u the truth, i find the addition of the his name to my name
in fact it happened automatically without me taking the initiative....all my important documents like the driving licence and PAN card came after i got there were no confusions....I just had to change the name in the bank account....