Tuesday, September 13, 2011

So I cheated

So I had decided to post everyday of this month but I missed the 9th post for reasons to be mentioned later and sice I missed 1 day I just Let it go.

The reason why I missed that day was that it was a Saturday (well, so what?, u may ask) arre week-end na baba, do not touch computer on week-end isiliye.
Yup, I do not log into my work PC on week-ends and since we share a common one at home I do not use it much just for ocassionally checking FB/Gmail.

I could have still taken the effort to churn out a post at night but hubby happened to put the movie - ZNMD, so sat watching it.
By 3/4th of the movie I couldnt wait for it to end, did not like it at all.
I have read good reviews on blogs and many have majorely fell in love with Farhan Akthar. I loved all his movies in the past but not this one. Bagwati??Really?

And then Mon morn on my way to office my car broke down. Just after I got off the highway it came to a stop. Since I do not carry a cell phone had to walk over and ask a gentleman for help. He willingly called 911 and I called hubby who in turn called the insurance.
Now the car is in repair mode....

So that's it for me from here......Rest in Next.


Santosh Kumar said...

But you can not deny the importance of the theme carried by ZNMD. Farhan is all rounder.. I am fan. He can act, write direct.. even he can sing also..great isn't it.

Anonymous said...

how many time i do not do what i want to do but do what i dont want to do

Horizon said...

The theme was good, except that I could not relate to it in any way. Farhan is great and I loved all his previous work but not this one.

Reflections said...

Nablopomo or not....wkends are sacred...so u r in full rights to keep it tht way;-).

I found bagwati hilarious;-D

Hope ur car didnt have any serious issues....its so difficult to manage without them when u r used to it.

And goodluck with the Nablopomo;-D!!!!!

Horizon said...

Thanks Nancy! You are my motivation to continue NaBloPoMo again, but you know what --week-end is up again :)

Cяystal said...

Farhan steals the show in that flick. I wish there was more of Kalki :/
Andddd , I'm following you now. : )

Horizon said...

Thanks Crystal, really, u like Kalki, I somehow don't like her pout