Friday, May 09, 2014

And they are here

My family has arrived from India for a vacation. yooohooooooooo
They did have a scare when they reached the airport and were informed that their flight was cancelled. It seems the Air france had a scheduled cancellation adn send us sms but we never received any message of that sort.

They came to know only when they reached the airport, luckily there was seats in the Delta airlines which infact left earlier at 1 instead of thier scheduled 2 am and they reached here an hour earlier. So everything does happen for the Best.

Thier flight landed at 12:15 pm, we left home after their flight landed, picked up some hoaggies from Davanni and reached airport, had lunch and when we were done they all came out. After hugs we got into the car and reached home.

Then we got to eat some yummy chakadda(jackfruit)/cake (made by mom)
Kids started playing/fighting with each other. After they got fresh they were tired and felt sleepy , in the meanwhile me and G went to Costco and Indian Store.
Returned home, made dosa/ ridgegourd chutney and ended with some rice and curd.

Night all rested well.

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