Monday, May 19, 2014

Visit to State Capitol and Sculpture Garden

Parents were not jet lagged just tired the 1st day and then they were back to normal. Sunday 11th May we decided to take them Downtown Minneapolis.

After lunch we left home by 12:30, our first stop was State Capitol, the building has a very beautiful architecture and we walked all 3 floors and admired the beauty of the building. kids were running everywhere around. From there we visited the Cathedral. it was so peacful and calm and very beautiful. We lighted some candles and then went to the MN History Center Museum. G did not want to come and we somehow thought it is a free Sunday event and we all went without taking any cash.
When we entered we realized it it not free but being Mother's day all Mother's could visit free. Poor Dad had to wait outside, while we went and explored the different sections. Again there were lots of thinks for kids to play around and hence P&R had a great time. We left at 3:30 and then went to Sculpture garden which is very famous for the Spoon & Cherry sculpture created there.

There are various other sculptures and the weather being nice, it was great to just walk around. We clicked lots of pictures and then returned home by 6pm.

Pics to be put up soon.

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