Sunday, January 04, 2015

Day3: Christmas School Concert

On one of the days in November we got a letter stating there was to be a
school concert in Bumble's school on the 17th December. We were supposed to pick the kid by 4:30 and return at 6 pm.
Now my boy never talks about what he does at school, even though I keep asking him he will just reply in one liner and return to his playing.
One of the days when his dad went to pick him the piano teacher told him, "I am proud of your son", we dismissed it off.
Finally on the D-day I went and picked him up at 4:30 and then at 6pm we all (mom,dad,bumshika and amu) went for the concert. As soon as we entered we saw the Director whose first comment was , Oh! the best singer of the class has arrived. We all smiled and he went to his class while we went to the open are, some parents had come and we were waiting for others to come.

Finally at 6:30 the kids marched out and the concert began. It was a wonderful experience, the kids sang about 14 songs and Bumble was the lead singer in 2 songs, he sang beautifully  and I am so proud of my baby. We recordered the concert and I have watched it over and over again.

To think that he never told any thing at home, modest like us I think wink*wink*

After the concert we had snacks and interacted with the teachers who were teasing him and then we all returned home.

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