Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Blog Marathon 1:Challenging Myself

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Ready Set Go: Set a timer for 20 minutes and write about the best present you ever received. (Don't overthink these time-sensitive prompts. Just set the timer, write however much you can write in the time allotted, finish the post, and hit publish.)

It's 3:09 now and I will stop at 3:29 as I have a meeting to attend.

The best birthday present I received was in 2005. At this time I was on a 1 year onsite project and it was the first birthday that I was away from my parents. My then fiancee(who was in Mumbai) and I spoke on May2nd morning my time which is night(India time). Roaming facility on mobiles had just started and I was not aware of them.
Actually at that time he was travelling to Pune at my parents place. here, In US during lunch time my friends asked me to come home with them and i obliged, we went to thier place and had some frozen roti and curry and then one of them switched on his laptop and started fidgeting around. I wanted to get back to office but since we carpool and there was only 1 car, we had to wait for him. He kept talking things which did not make any sense liek I am trying to viddeo chat with my g/f and in my mind I was like, Dude, it's ofc hour, why cant you do this in the evening and my other friends were surprisingly not complaining, it was more than an hour we were out for lunch, he set the laptop and refused to show me the screen, kept hiding all the time and then suddenly they all frinds asked me to come near and the laptop and they also got a cake singing "Happy Birthday" song and when i looked in the laptop screen, I saw my parent with a beautifully decorated cake sitting on the table at home. I almost had tears in my eyes. I cut the cake here and they along with my fiancee(who had planned all this days ahead) cut the cake there @Pune and had the yummy cake. He also send me a musical collage of all my pictures from childhood till then which along with the planning he did was the best birthday present I have ever received till date.

Also thankful for the lovely frinds to arrange everything and give the surprise.
Love you all loads.......

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