Monday, June 01, 2015

Busy Week-end

Friday evening we had a kids bday party, so after getting my son ready and set we all went to our friends place, there we did cake cutting and then kids were talking and screaming and I returned by 9 with little r, left her at home and went to leave big R for sleep over and came back by 10:30 pm. Waited till 12 to wish SIL.

next day morning took all the kids for drawing competition then afternoon went for gems show, bought lots of fancy stuff, eve returned home and then went to play VB at Riley Park, returned by 9:30 pm and went out for dinner. little R was hungry and so we fed her soem egg fried rice as she was almost ready to bring the house down.

Sun morning woke up late, went to farm , watered around, then afternoon went for Schooner days with Big R, played Bingo, had some cheese curds, he played a game, won a parrot prize, came abck home, rested, went out in the eve and came back home.

busy buys

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