Thursday, November 09, 2017

Omaha Diaries--After Parents Left to India

This was the first week that the family would have to do without parents. I woke up at 5am fo rmy 7am flight. made Bumble's tiffin, packed his bag and got in my Lyft vehicle and reached airport and then to office.
Work and eve home, made Lauki daal and rice and slept.
Next day pretty much same routine except I went to hyper for some exercise.
Wednesday I made Mint biryani kindof for dinner and watched F.R.I.E.N.D.S
Thursday there was a Sogeti event --Employee Appreciation Week. at The Escape Room.
I went with my colleague, thought that we will be for half hr and then leave.
Turns out The Escape Room is this new concept of solving mysteries and can be done as a team building activity.
After about 5 of us were gathered we were put in a room and the idea was to Escape from that room in a given time with the help of the clues available in the room.
It was super-fun, it was the first time and we did not know what to expect but Darn! did we have fun. We could not complete the task in the stipulated time but everyone enjoyed. Another group were already in another room for their mystery .
Then we all went to Godfather's pizza, had wings and Veggie Cheesy Pies.
Went home and then had some Gobi paratha and slept
Fri flew back home. I should definitely try The Escape with hubby, it will be so much fun.

Much more next week.
Ta da

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