Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Oct 2017 Month Omaha Diaries

I cannot believe it has been a month since I posted here. I moved out of my current accommodation that I was staying with 5 students to a place with 2 other working girls. They had arranged the house over the week-end, so I went to a well set home. 9th Oct I moved most of my stuff to the new place, then chatted with new roomies, had dinner and slept. Next day after work went to HYPER , did some exercise and came back, talked, eat and slept. I was not planning to travel this weekend of 13th Oct and asked G and family to come here on Thu nite and they would return by Sun.
The weather was supposed to be good but as Thu neared it started getting colder, then Wed night G was clearing all the farm stuff and he got back pain again, so travel looked dicey for him , he searched for tickets and got a good deal for me. Fri fly to MN and return on Tue.
Thu morning he went to the Chiro and he got the ok to travel but since weather was bad I asked them to skip and I went to MN on Fri and returned on Tue.

The weather this week turned out to be great so I asked them to come on Wed(18th Oct), sudden plan and afternoon they started driving and reached here by 8:30. I had not cooked anything so we went to a nearby pizza place(Lighthouse) and had Pizza.
Next day I came to office late and left by noon as we had plans to go to the Zoo. Mom had made some cauliflower sabji and Sambhar.
We reached the zoo at 1:30 and then went to the Kingdom of Nights & Desert area. There were some animals which I had not seen except read in books like skunk and was happy to see them. It was hot and after walking around for some time parents were tired, so I send them via the zoo vehicle to the Aquarium place while we walked around and saw peacock, elephant,Giraffe,Ostrich. Finally we reached the Aquarium and saw many fishes and beautiful Coral. We were done after that and left the Zoo, came home, had tea and then went to ElmWood park, the kids played and then at 7:30, I took them to HYPER , then returned home, had dinner and everyone slept by 10 pm.

Next day I went to ofc in the morning, they came by 12 to my ofc and then we all drove back Home. Gopi was working in the car while I drove all the way, reached home at nite.
Week-end was busy with Diwali programme organizing. This week I was @ home as parents were leaving for india.
26th Thu was their flight, we dropped them a the airport, their flight was delayed and I was with  them till 12:40, then came home and worked for some time.
Finally week-end also done and flew back Monday morning back to ofc .

Cannot wait to go back.....

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