Monday, October 09, 2017

Omaha Travels -Sept29th 2017 Week

I flew to MN on Sept 29th eve flight and this time decided to get my car, so I drove back on Sunday noon itself, hardly any time.
Here in Omaha I got enrolled in HYPR (an all-round fitness/gym facility)
You need a student to get you admitted, so I got a student from the floor below us and on Tuesday went and got my self enrolled. After dropping him back I went around the facility, Pretty good, nice hi-tech equipment and such. Toured around the facility and got back.
Next day I went and did some stretches and took the chair massage, this time I travelled back on Thu.
Reached home Thu evening, next day Fri had ofc for the first half then went and got my license stuff renewed, on the way went to Costco , then picked Dindu and G and came home.
Sat lazed about at home in the morning,went to MOA afternnon, got a  dress and top,came back, went to farmland then went fishing, got nothing and came back
Sun, went to temple , came and slept, played VB till eve and then night got ready to go in the morning.
Woke up at 3:15, got ready and came to the airport, no lines , so security etc was done fast and flight departed on time from MSP to Chicago..Had breakfast at Chicago airport and then took the next flight to Omaha, reached at 9 and off to office.

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