Friday, September 29, 2017

From a time long gone by

This happened in 2008 when a few months after marriage Gopi went to GE, Eden Prairie , MN, USA and I was out of project with a stamped l1 visa and searching for projects in the same location.
I got an onsite opportunity at Milwaukee for 4 weeks, initially I refused but since it was 4 weeks and a chance to come to US I compiled.
I got accomodations with Sribala..she was living in a 2BHK alone and preferred it that way but since she was going to India on vacation and I was there just for 4 weeks she agreed for me to stay with her.
I reached US, Chicago on Aug 3rd 2008, G came to pick me up, since the connecting flight was next day I got a complimentary stay from the airlines. We had some dinner and went to the restaurant and I slept. It was hubby's bday but I was damn tired after my long journey.
Next day instead of taking my flight  we drove to Milwaukee, G dropped me at the apt and left.
Next day to travel to ofc my roomie arranged for a guy some sardar(forgot his name) to pick me.

My manager was Henash Patel. He wanted me up to speed immediately. It was a hectic time for the first 2 weeks just getting to know the project, understanding the problem, I was full time working even at home. By the end of the 2 weeks I could deliver a solution which fixed a major part of their problem and it was a big win for me. That week-end I relaxed and went for a movie with the roomie to Kismet Konnection. By then we also got friendly and we went for a Milwaukee Fair with her friends. The next 2 weeks went by fast but less work, we girls went for a bowling nite and celebrated few friend's birthdays and had a great time.

The sardar was good, I told him I'll pay for my share of fuel for the month but he refused and so I just took him out for lunch.
In the cafeteria there was a helper(black) who hit on me big time. Whenever I went down he would ask me my # and out for a date. I even stopped going downstairs. One day (later) when I went and was filling water he came near me with a glass on the pretext of filling water and said that the management had complained as he was talking to me and he still kept pestering for my # to take me out. I hurriedly left form there.
Last week I had an interview with ShopNBC, Eden Prairie and my next assignment was there and so I left from Milwaukee aug end, G came to pick me, we drove to Chicago and then to Eden prairie.

What triggered this was old pictures that I saw.

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