Monday, March 09, 2009

The Be(Fir)st Wedding Anniversary

March9th 2009 was to be a whole year since our wedding. I was not expecting to celebrate in any way, would be just a normal day for me. I think waiting for this day for 3 years had taken away all its significance for me. i am happy everyday and that is what matters more to me than celebrating just one day. Now that my cullinery specializing is at it's peak eating out is a big No- No.

We had nothing planned out until hubby told at his office and the guys demanded a treat. It was also quite some time we had friends over for dinner and so we thought of having all of them home.
I was not expecting anything either with my bday in 2 months, he better save for that ocassion.
Sun nite 12:00 am as I was prepping for the 
next days meal hubby wished me and took me inside the bedroom. It was dark except for the table which had tiny candles lighted in the shape of HA (short for Happy Anniversary) .......a card titled "What is a Wife", 2 more lighted candles in a jar surrounding a yummy chocolate cake and a tiny balloon with happy Anniversary labelled on it.  And oh! I forgot the flower vase, actually gopi also forgot about it and placed it a little later:)  and a very 
pretty heart-shaped diamond necklace. I was speechless,overjoyed and excited at the same time

Here is something for my hubby :)
There are few who are so lucky
To have the things we do,
Companionship and friendship,
And loving feelings, too

I never thought I could feel this loved
until I became your wife.
You made this day and every day
the best one of my life

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Bincy said...

I am so happy for u Seema, pray that your comapanionship and freindship continues atleast till saat janam..