Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Baby Talks

Me and R are playing the word game where in you have to tell a word from an alphabet and the enx tperson has to tell from it's ending alphabet.

So for ex: If I say Apple R has to say a word from E

This went on for some time until he got T, we had already told some common T words, so after thinking for sometime R says T for 'Theek Hain' Amma.

I couldn't stop laughing.

R now clearly understands the difference between languages, he can differentiate between Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi and ofcourse English.

The other day he was talking to his aunt and after talking for some time he got bored and
says "you talk in Hindi', she does not know Hindi so she told him to tell something

So he says--Tumhara naam kya hain? to which she replies--Mera naam XXXX

Immediately this boy corrects her--Mera naam XXXX hain.


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