Thursday, April 24, 2014

How we told parents the BIG NEWS!

After reaching India we were jet lagged so most of the time we were sleeping and what with visa interviews, was more in tension about that. MIL and FIL kept giving papaya's and pineapples which I had to refuse and they would keep telling me to eat it. Finally me and hubby went to Chennai for Visa interview, even there we walked for 3-4 hrs and had junk food more worried about the visa interview outcome. After a desirous outfit and reaching home we slept peacefully after a long time.
The next day I told hubby to tell his Mom but he called me and took me also to the kitchen where she was cooking. It was pretty akward I was thinking, I should have done it over phone(that would have been easy). Finally I told her that I missed my periods so maybe I was pregnant and we wanted to go to the doctor to check and confirm. She asked if we wanted the baby(that was a surprise qtn from her). I said Yes and she said okay, and then called some relative to check which doctor to go and what is the process.

The next day me, hubby and baby R went to the hospital and paid Rs 20 for an appointment. Now it so happened that on that very same day one of G's cousin delivered a baby girl and so all his relatives were already present there. When we went they assumed that we are there to meet her but we said 'No, we want to meet the gynaec' and the ladies immediately understood and congratulated us. We met the doctor and it was a very brief visit, she asked if I had done a pregnancy test, i said yes, she then said --You are 8 weeks , so take your prenatal and then come back at 12 weeks for the ultrasound etc. That was it , nothing else to be done. I still was not sure If there is a baby in my tummy and so I asked if she can do an ultrasound, she mentioned..if you want to go ahead and asked me to go to the other ward. Now this was near to the labor room and so we saw more relatives and thus everyone came to know our news!
This ward had ladies Only, I was sad because I wanted to show my baby the tummy baby, i thought I'll ge thim when they start the ultrasound but I kept waiting and waiting in the room for the ultrasound tech to come.

Meanwhile outside in the waiting area, since I was not out for quite a long time R baby kept askign his dad--Where is Mom? and Daddy dear spilled the beans and told him --that mommy is having a baby in her tummy and gone for check-up. His expression was something I missed but the questions--Really? Amma , tummy il baby irrukhada, for real ......

I was bored and tired of waiting and went outside and got my baby inside thinking when the ultrasound tech will come, will plead her to let him stay. There were some other nurses in the room(Malu's) and I asked them if it's okay to have R in. they said, they normally do not allow children as it is a infectious area. With a heavy heart I left him back outside with his Dad. It was nearing 2 hrs wait and I was really pissed and decided to just go away, when the initial nurse came in and was surprised that the ultrasound tech was not yet in, she said she will do the scan herself. She did the scan and showed me the baby and then asked--Where is your husband? I did not see him outside, he can come in too. I was overjoyed, I ran without chappals outside and got hubby and baby in the room.
She again scanned and showed them and I showed R the baby(not that he could understand much), he kept staring at my tummy instead of looking at the monitor. As soon as he reached home he announced to my in -laws--"My Amma has got a baby in her tummy"
Evening i called my parents and he was the one who announced to my mom, she was surprised and pleased. Then to whoever came or on phone he would say--My amma got a baby in her tummy :)

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