Monday, April 07, 2014

On Birthdays and Winning Matches

Saturday was a very hectic day for me. G left early in the morning for his VB match.
Me and R woke up at 8:30, I washed the dishes and made pancakes for breakfast. Once we were done R went for potty and bath and in the meantime I made some gavar ka sabji.
We both got ready to go t HomeDepot. Since it is the 1st Saturday they have a Kids Workshop. Me along with my friend and her 2 kids drove to Home Depot and had a great tiem making a bird feeder, we also got to see some of their exotic bird collection that they had got.
After returning R went to play with the kids where as I went ofr some walking.
At 1:30 I went to get him but ended up eating lunch at friend's place and R eat his lunch at another friend's place.
We reached home by 2:15 and got ready to go for the birthday party. Since it was great weather and the party was nearby we walked. R had a gr8 time running around with his friends but I got quite bored as it was his daycare friend's birthday and I did not know anyone.

After returning me and other friends decided to go to watch the match as our guys had reached the finals. We drope 25 mins over there only to be informed that the finals will be held near to our place as the Community center they had booked was closing.
We returned to the Champions Hall by 7:30. Finals started after 8, oh! it was a thrilling match. We won the  1st set, the other team won the 2nd set and it was a close finish in the 3rd set which our team WON.

Hi-fi and Congratulations all over!
We attended the award ceremony and then all of us went for dinner at Green mill. By the time we reached home and went to bed it was 11:30

All in all a great day

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