Monday, May 11, 2015

10 months on May 9th

My darling is 10 months and she is standing on her own and even keeping 1 step forward by herself, soon she will be walking. Last Sunday we cut her hair and made her Motta, she looks like a mini don and I think this really suits her face.
She can blabber AAta, Aana, Akka, Amma and even make high pitch noises. Nowadays there is a lot of talking and expressing herselves, it is a joy to watch her, she loves listening to songs and even does some head banging on jazzy music.
Ever interested in our food, she has started eating fruits(oranges, blackberry,blueberry,grapes) but give her a banana and she will run miles away from you.
She also stopped taking milk in the bottle so either I have to wean my feedings and do them only at night, which is good as I can stop pumping in office(which is a huge relief)

She even got her first sterp thorat infection(poor baby was miserable for 2 nights)
She loves going out and playing in the swings, she will be lauging and enjoying.
Also she got 2 upper and lower teeth(which I may have mentioned before) but ther upper teeth has gap and ppl are telling it is very lucky.

She adores her brother and the minute she watches him, she will be squealign and jumping in delight Also nowadays there is a lot of taking his things and I have to make sure i distract her, all in all a joy to watch her.

Luv u my muttu kutty.                                                          

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