Wednesday, May 27, 2015

La LA LAnd

So what is happening at our end? Lots and lots of stuff. We bought some land(agricultural purposes). So our group of friends decided to rent some land on lease for 3 months in this Mn weather and try to cultivate our own veggies/fruits etc. The idea materialized on Fri eve and we booked 3 sites. Sat morning went to HomeDepot and bought shovels/rake/seeds/watering can/seeds etc, the guys went to the land along with the kids and ploughed and shovelled their way around, planted seeds and returned by 8:30 pm.

Sun they went to farmers market and got lots of plants i.e tomato/eggplant/okra/strawberry/carrot/beetroot/onions etc again we went(I joined them too) at 4 and planted and cleaned in the poring rain and returned by 8:30 pm.

Next day they again went and bought more seeds and we went in the noon to do more planting and watering.

Lets see where we reach with this. Attaching pics

Before Pics

After Pics

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