Monday, May 18, 2015

MAA VolleyBall Womens Tournament Champions

So we won the Womens Volleyball Tournament that took place on 16th May (Saturday) at Applevalley, MN.
Our chances were good as we had practiced a lot for the match.
We had 4 teams against which we had to play the league. 2 of the teams we won easily but was a close one against the third team.
In teh league we were in the top and hence had to play against the 4th team, we very easily won against them and went to the Finals.
The finals opponenet was a team against whom we have practiced a few times and they all have improved a lot.
The first set we were in the lead and won agaisn tthem, in the second set we were 6-12 and then we had to play some really good game to close the gap and comeback and even take a lead and finally win.

It was a great match and a great day

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