Sunday, January 25, 2009

Double ka Meetha - A Lip Smacking Dessert

When I was a kid and we were at Dehuroad I remember one day when my mom, our neighbor Saramma aunty and Pasha aunty decided to have a sort of family get together. Each was to make 2 dishes. I do not clearly remember what mummy or Saramma aunty made but Pasha aunty made this sweet dish with bread which was superb. I fell in love with it instantly and till date it is my favorite dessert. At that point I did not even know what it was called :)

Later in life while I was working at TCS Borivali, the canteen celebrates food mela where once in a month they would cook the cuisine of a state. One day it was Hyderabad and as I stood in the line for desert, my eyes gleamed as I saw the same dish that I had eaten when I was young. My eyes darted to the name plate and there it was written in bold- Double Ka Meetha.
It is named so because the dish is made from bread and in olden days bread was called double so Double ka meetha.
Anyway now that we are in US one day I decided to try this receipe.
Here is how it went:-

Bread slice- cut in 2 halves(abt 8 half slices)

In a vessel heat some oil/ghee/butter(I did not use ghee as I was health conscious)
Fry thebread pieces in them till brown. Take it out in another bowl. In the same vessel fry the nuts, once fried place them over the bread slices. In the same vessel add 2 cups of milk. Keep boiling this till it is reduces to half. Once reduced to half put some cardamon and simmer on low flame for 5 mins. In another vessel take 2 cups of water and boil. To this add 5 tbls of sugar and heat. After a time this becomes a thick browny mixture. Stop at this point. Pour the sugar syrup over the bread pieces. Pour the milk over the bread pieces. After it cools refrigerate. You can eat it warm or cold.

Right now I have no pics but will upload when I make them again. Me and Gopi eat some the same nite after dinner as I couldnt wait till the next day and remaining we kept in the fridge which got over the next day.
Truly a lip smacking dessert.

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