Saturday, January 24, 2009

Jan19th 2009- A year later after Paarth was born

Jan 18th 2009 - (Sunday)- Tomorrow is Paarth baby's 1st birthday. How time flies . It seems like it was yesterday when he was brought out by the pretty lady nurse.
I was in the US. It was already past 12 am in India and so officialy it was his birthday.
I had decided weeks before that I would bake a cake myself for his birthday.
After checking a few receipes I decided on the Black Forest cake.
Sunday after calling home I was all set to start. 
5 eggs (seperated yellow from white in 2 sepearate bowls)
Cocoa powder
Baking Soda
Vanilla essence

I took the egg whites in a bowl and kept stirring with a spoon them till I get a froth. This was the process that took the most time as I did not have an electric whisk, but after 30-40 minutes I got the white froth
 on top.
I seperated this in another bowl. In a seperate vessel I took the egg yellow added vanilla essence(1 drop) , half spoon melted butter and powdered sugar 5 spoons and beat them for 5 minutes. 
Now in the egg white I added this mixture and lightly mixed it 
with a spoon. 
To this I added 2.5  cups of maide and  .5 cups of cocoa powder and half spoon of baking powder. I mixed all this ingredients. Then I needed to add some cola product, as I had mountian dew at home I added half can of mountain dew to this. 
Then I took it in a butter greased cake pan and baked it at 350F for 30 mintues. Once it was done, I took it out and cooled it. 
The chocolate sponge cake was ready.

Now to make it into the Black forest 
cake. I cut this cake into 2 layers. Take some water and add sugar in it to make a sweet mixture. Sprinkle 
this on the cut chocolate layer.. Cover it with cream and strawberry. now put the other layer on top. Cover this with cream also and put dark chocolate(cut)  on top. Then I put the icing and decorated it.

After decoration it looked really yummy and so I cut the cake Wishing Paarth lots of happiness and many more birthdays to come. Luv u kissi baby.

I am sending this for the Just for you event.

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Sindhirasoi said...

Thts so sweet of u to bake the cake for ur baby's first b'day...did he tasted a bit of it?I hope he did and loved it too
Belated B'day wishes to dear paarth and yes days do fly away like anything....i mean i just cant believe that its been more than six years that my kid was seems just a thing of distant past...almost like yesterday
Thanks for ur entry dear :-)