Monday, June 17, 2013

Current Reads - Blog Marathon 6

I read a lot. Initially I used to stick to the Jeffrey Archer, Sidney Sheldon,John Grisham type of books but nowadays I have expanded my reading list.
In this week I read

Lucia, Lucia – Adriana Trigiani
This is the story of Lucia, a young Italian girl who is living in America with her parents and brothers. Though the normal convention for a woman is to get married and have children Lucia is a person who guards her independence and her freedom to the core. She just doesn't want to follow the flow but wants to do it only if she feels right.
All in all a  good read.

Mrs. 'arris Goes To Paris – Paul Gallico

This is a total fun read. It is the story of a London char(maid) who wishes to have a Dior dress and her adventures that lead to it.

Mrs. 'arris Goes To New York – Paul Gallico
This is a sequel to the above book. Though the first book had its own tales that would really not happen in real life, this one was a even bigger fantasy tale (none of which would really take place) but still one can read through it to read about the cheerfullness of Mrs 'Arris in her troubles.

My inspiration to read these books came after reading the reviews on

Please go to this blog if you want more suggestions on books.

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