Wednesday, June 26, 2013

On Facebook Updates, Likes and Other Statuses -- Blog Marathon 15

We all are a part of the social media and there is no denying it has entered and integrated into our lives.
There is not a single day when we do not check our emails, our FB page, Twitter etc etc.
There are so many articles written that tell about the effect Social Media has on people.
In this example I am specifically targeting Facebook as that is the most widely recognized/used media today.

It is well known that people keep in touch via FB, they also upload thier vacation pictures, their party pictures which is all fine but the problem is the effect it has on others. Friends of thiers going through a rough patch in life may get more depressed or may feel left out(if its a group of frnds which they were not invited).

What gives me the creeps is when people update thier status with cricket match scores, I am watching the match live and even following the commentary on ESPN. I really do not want you to put the ball by ball score on FB too.

Or for that matter when people who are travelling start updating their status --@Chicago Terminal, @NewYork airport. It saddens me to think that these people instead of enjoying their vacation and sightseeign or being with thier loved ones are busy updating their status.

Or for those one who like each and every status you put. For ex: one of my friends had put a status of how she narrowely escaped an accident during a snowstorm. Many of them commented asking how she is etc etc whereas there was this one friend who actually "Liked" her status. How funny was that!

Or for those who put thier awards/achievements everything on FB, Really, there are blogs where you can do that and intersted and genuine wellwishers will comment not every 504 people on your friend list.

I personally do not post status updates on FB as I dont think people even read before liking unless it is a major announcement and I need the whole world to know till then I will keep it within my blog.

What do you think?

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