Saturday, June 22, 2013

Poetry Recitation - Blog Marathon 11

I had this wonderful idea of doing a Poetry Recitation for the kids. According to me kids have so much of talent and it is for us to nurture out the best in them. Accordingly I told my idea to the other ladies and everyone agreed to do in in April 3rd week(mid-week) in the party hall.
I was in charge of getting the speaker and mike which we usually keep in the basement.
At home preparations were started and I though Ritvik his poem which he learnt in 2 days.

Aeroplane Aeroplane, up in the sky
Where are you going flying so high
Over the mountains, over the seas
Aeroplane, Aeroplane, wont you take me?

It so happened that on the Friday before our recital there was a breaking and robbing incident in the apartmetn basement. Many people's things were stolen. Due to this the management decided to keep the basement open only during office hours i.e till 5 pm.

On our decided Poetry Recital  day I was working from home. Usually on any such events I get the speaker home in the morning itself but this time I thought I'll get it later in the evening and go directly to the party hall. At 7pm I went to the basement only to find it locked. There was a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach. I went to the party hall which was filled with kids, moms/dads. I had to convey the message to all of them and we decided to postpone it by a week i.e May 2nd 2013.

Finally on 2nd May 2013 we had the poerty recital, we started with little kids who told thier nursery rhymes and then with the older ones. Some of the kids did a good job, some were overwhelmed to talk in the mike for the first time, all in all it was fun.
Hoping to do more such events.

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