Thursday, April 09, 2015

9 months on this 9th April

My baby is 9 months on this 9th and what is she up to? She is holding and walking all along the couch, is crawling fast on all fours that we have to be constantly after her, is talking aata--tatata, aana and other baby words all the time.
She is still eating pureed foods but very much interested in our food. She eats ragi, wheat,fruits and her favorite cereal.She loves watching her anna and akka all the time.

She has 4 teeth which she will show off to everyone aroud, if I kiss her she will smile, her so special smile and nowadays she has a new smiling technique, so whenever she gets food that she does not like she will close her mouth , it is as though you put a gum on her face, she will plaster it shut and now if we make her laugh she will laugh with her closed mouth itself, it is very nice to see.
ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I love her

Waiting for her many other milestones.

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