Monday, April 20, 2015

Whom should I marry?

So my 5 year old(who nowadays claims he is 7) asks me the other day, "Whom did you marry Amma?
Me: I married Appa.
R: Ok, then whom should I marry?
Me: Well you grow up like 25 yrs, you can marry any girl you want?
R: I will marry Ritiha?
Me: You cannot amrry her coz she is your sister
R: But then she will marry someone else Amma, I will marry her, she is my sweetheart.

So again I repeat the you cannot marry your sister dialog.

He then goes about ransacking the bedroom, searching for somethign to play while I go off in the hall.
After some time he returns with a perfume bottle and shows it off to his dad,
Appa, this for my marry (instead of I will give this to the girl I marry)

Appa as usual did not understand what he was telling while I wanted to laugh out loud at this statement.

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