Thursday, April 02, 2015

B is for Broadmoor

Broadmoor is the apartment complex that we have been staying for the past 6+ years since we came to US (after wedding). It is a slightly old apartment complex with about 500 units, all interconnected with internal gym/swimming pool/game room.
Hubby was living with friends at another place and then when I came a month later we signed a lease at this apartment complex (Apt 309) courtyard facing.
We shopped for bathroom curtains, bath essentials, kitchen essentials and it was the first time I was setting up a home. We also had a group of bachelor guys who stayed in teh 4th floor and another 3-4 couples in the same apartment.
All of us mostly hung out together. I was too much into cooking then and tried and tested various new receipes for everyone.
It was here that we conceived our first baby and when it was nearing for my due date we decided to move into a 2 BHK as we needed the space with parents coming over.
We shifted to Apt 303, hubby did most of the moving and arranging as I was 8 months pregnant by then. Our baby boy first arrived in this apartment and we had my parents and the in-laws both come over and stay with us.
We celebrated my son's first food giving ceremony here with all our friends. After parents leaving we felt the house too big and shifted abck to a 1 BHK (Apt 213), also we had left baby boy in India and it was only the 2 of us.
At this time there was a case of bed bugs all over the apartment and hence we threw away our sofa/bed and other stuff away, we sort of had a matteress in the front room and we were sparwled over there all the time(kind of like bachelor days). At this time we got addicted to the serial "Prison break" and would watch back to back episodes. We also had new friends with other friends who were having kids our son's age.
Time flew in going to gym, workign out, playing TT(remember the game room)

6 months later our baby boy was back, now the previous bachelors, most of them moved back and the new ones had formed thier own groups, we sort of felt left out and at one point I was very homesick.
Slowly we got to meet other families from the apt complex, we had a first apt Diwali celebration where I was a part of the initiative commitee. Had our first book reading club and formed a bond with many friends, suddenly there was a lot of activities going on, Thu evening Saibaba aarti, Navratri pooja, Shivratri jagran, get-togethers at so many places, birthdays of dear friends were celebrated, holi, independence day,Ladies parties were organized and enjoyed together. Kids played together all the time, we knew each and every one, we shared and joked and formed a common bond, lots of old faces have gone but new ones have come and kept the tradition going.

Broadmoor is truly a home away from home for me, a perfect place to live in.


Vincy said...

nice reading about broadmoor Seema. Yes its important to create these communities and take part in actvities instead of locking oneself inside the walls of the apartment.

It helps you and children. Wishes for a good stay at Broadmoor.

Horizon said...

yes Vincy, It is really a home away from home for us, having a gr8 time.