Wednesday, April 01, 2015

A Letter to my Baby Boy

First of all I love you my baby and there is no one in the whole wide world that I would love more except your little sister(I have to write this else you will be yelling at me, she is my sister Amma, you have to love her more).
At this age of 5 you do not listen to anything that I have to say, I have to keep repeating things ten times for it to register in your head or most of the times you will not even blink an eye.
At this age all you want to do is play with your friends, have sleep overs and generally just have fun. It amazes me to see your developed social skills, you can play with both kids above and below your age, you are very popular in school too where other parents coem and tell me, Oh, you are Ritvik's mom, XXX always talks about Ritvik.(proud mama moment)...Be like this always sweetheart.

If anytime in life you are faced with rejections or hurt (which you will for sure), all those are part and parcel of growing up ,remember to not give up , you can always come back to your Amma and Appa and we will welcome you with open arms.
You have grandparents , cousins, aunts and uncles who love you to bits and pieces.

You are growing and will definitely want to try out new things in life, but please do not play with your body, health is very important in long life and so is putting oil on your head and body(which you so run away from nowadays).
Please do not take drugs and get addicted to alcohol and abuse.
Go wild, live your life but also be responsible for your actions.
Sometimes I wish I could hug you and keep you safe in my arms forever.

I love you my baby, umaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

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