Tuesday, April 07, 2015

C is for Cute

Cuteness Overloaded is my 9 month old baby girl. We had always wanted a second baby and having a first hand experience I was prepared for the night feedings and sleeplessness for the first 2 months, like I say to so many of my friends, nothing changes after the first 2 months, just that your body gets used to the sleepless nights.
I distinctly remember how terrified I was as soon as it used to get dark during the first 1st -4 th week after my first one was born, I was scared thinking of the nights, how bad it would be, the pumping that I had to do at 4 am in the morning. With my first born this saga went on for 2 months after whcih he has not given my much trouble.
Moreover my 2 year old nephew was here with my parents and he did not allow my mom to come near the baby at nights, so it was pretty much me and hubby, after the first week it was pretty much me talking care of the baby at nights and even mostly the other times.

Then July 9th 2014 happened, the baby latched on immediately for her first feeding itself, no issues there, at night we send her to the nursery, they got her back after every 3 hours but we were pretty much rested the remaining time, she hardly cried which is so much of a blessing. After we came home mom, me and baby slept together, I pushed my hubby out with daddy to the other room, she was a sound sleeper, normally babies should feed 3 hrs at night, my little one slept so well, we had to wake her up for her feeds and normally I did only 2 feeds, after feeding, I gave her to my mom who patted her for some time and then all 3 of us would be asleep, day times also she slept peacefully, I was no longer scared of the evenings. 3 months later dad left for India,my mom and baby moved out to the other room, she came for feeding once at night and that's it, otherwise I slept peacefully, mom took over all our home tasks and taking care of the baby.

My little one was also pretty easy going, she played,slept,smiled a lot infact some girls at out apt have nicnamed her Smiling Ritiha as she is always smiling to everyone around.
Now everyone says that she looks exactly like my son and whenever we go out everyone will be oooing and aaaaaaaing at how cute she is, infact when we went to leave my mom at the airport people standing in the queue were gushing at her and one lady put all her luggage down to come and peek at her and squeal at her, I secretly thought she would take her away and go if she could, now the question I have is How come no one ever said that my son is cute if the look alike, is it because she is a girl?

I know, started this post with this question but got digressed...
Any thoughts??

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