Friday, June 25, 2010

Blog 18 - Holiday Inn

Today I went to Holiday Inn, there was a company meeting hosted there. The sole purpose for me to go there was to check out the hotel, I had no interest whatsoever in the company meeting and in office there was not much work...
I have already been to Westin and Sheraton, so time to check out a new place.
It was not like the Holiday Inn in India and outside it looked like any Motel 8, with just 2 floors of accommodation I believe....
On entering in one has to cross the indoor pool to reach the hall that we were seated in. Quite a nice thing they had done with the pool with sculptures around it and tables arranged by the side for lunch.
The session had the usual breakfast with bagels, muffins, coffee.................
Lunch was a really good affair with Pasta, Salad, Chicken breast and soup..All the items tasted delicious...I should have put it in their feed back form but left a little early so as to not hit peak traffic.
So in all it turned out a good event, well the session was not 2 bad either :)

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