Sunday, June 13, 2010

Blog 6 - Minnesota Zoo

Today's blog is today's outing that we had to Minnesota Zoo... Weather had rain predictions but still we decided to go out to the Minnesota Zoo as we had already got 2 free passes from our local library. At 11:30 after lunch we left and reached the zoo at 12:00.
Immediately on entering one can notice the large area of land that has been utilized for building the zoo.almost like a mini-forest... Ritvik was asleep in the car, on entering the zoo we woke him up as we wanted him to see the various animals. We followed the Grizzly bear trail where we saw various different animals like leopard, Cheetah, Deer, Snow Monkeys, Leopard, Otter, Wild Boar, Caribou...most of them were just lazing around........................ Then we went on the Northern Trail where we saw Camel, Wild Horse, Bison, Moose, Tiger,Prairie Dog, Takin
After this we went to the Tropical Zone which had may tropical birds, Coral Reef and reptiles zone.
At 3:00 there was a Kayate Bird Show which was pretty impressive, they spoke about conservation and how we can help....
Returned home by 4 pm....

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