Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Blog 2 - Boooooooks -June9th 2010

June9th 2010- Blog 2
Again inspired by preeti's post I have t note down my obsession with books. Right from childhood I love books.....Fortunately we had a good library near to where we stayed and I always made it a point to take books from initially I started reading Noddy books...whenever we went to kerala on vacations we always brought books at Pune stand which would include Amar chitra katha, jakata tales, panchantantra and twinkle magazines.....we also happened to subscribe to fortnightly Reader's Digest magazines.
In middle school I got interested in Archie comics, nancy drew, hardy boys and oh of course EnidBlyton books, I can go on reading it forever.
Famous Five, Malory Towers, St Clares..also at school when we got 1st rank we were awarded in annual functions and they always gave books as that added to my treasure.
In high school or rather during my 10th std board exams study leave was when i read my first Sidney Sheldon- BloodLine--felt so much in love with it that after that I read the entire Sidney collection.. Reading Jeffrey Archer's The Prodigal daughter was an experience in itself, that lead me going through all of his books...then I read Micheal Crichton novels and many many others........
I started writing this because I also have to go to the library to get baby books for my son .....I hope he gets to be a good book reader as mommy.

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